Drop dead legs!

Dear Legs,

Throughout the years we have been rough on each other. I looked at you in disgust. You stayed flabby. I did squats for a couple days. You stayed flabby. I ate dry tuna fish because I heard it tightened skin. You laughed at my pitiful efforts and stayed flabby. I researched liposuction. I walked away the pounds with Leslie Sansone. I used a thighmaster. I walked the treadmill. I used the elliptical. Went on some crazy arc trainer because my friend said it was fun and good for the legs. I even sweated to the oldies with Richard Simmons (yes I have been fighting with you a long time!). You remained steadfast and flabby. I applaud your consistency it is very dependable!

Therefore, I will say this to you. I am done fighting! I apologize for the grief I have given you over the years. I apologize for the shameful way that I’ve tried to hide you from sight. I wore baggy jeans bought from the boys department to hide your nooks and crannies. I stayed away from bathing suits, dresses, shorts, skirts, and even crops so as to not show an inch of your skin. Even leggings of any kind were a no-no because they cling to you. I wore black all the time because it is thinning and I hated the way colored pants made you look. I set my Facebook page to approve all tags to make sure there were no unflattering pictures of you for all to see.

However, you were not only consistent in your ability to stay flabby. You are also strong and provide me with movement. My years of being a cheerleader, and brief stints in gymnastics and softball have made you muscular. As thick as you are I still remain flexible. I am appreciative for the way you now allow boots to fit up to my knees. I am grateful for the way you look in leggings. I loved the way you soaked up the sun at the beach. I also received so many compliments when I wore a dress out for my friend’s bachelorette party. I accept you and apologize for my attempts to turn you into something you were not ready to be. I am no longer ashamed of you because you carry my weight and allow me to walk through life.




13 thoughts on “Drop dead legs!

  1. Great letter! I too used to hate my legs and cover them up, after almost 10 years of not wearing shorts, I had to cave – try being in monsoon season and the humidity spiking the temperature 20 degrees in jeans! Not fun!! It’s so freeing to let something like that go.

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  2. Excellent post. I really enjoyed how you navigated a sensitive, and serious subject with a sense of humor! I could totally relate! It’s one of those, “uh-huh, yep, been there” kind of reads.

    Well done. And congratulations on making peace with every beautiful piece of you!

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