Feeling annoyed!

“We are all prone to bad body days. No matter how amazing any body positive warrior is, we all have triggers”

This quote is from a blog post I read recently


I like to think of myself as a body positive warrior in training. I give each day a valiant effort to get through it without feeling self-conscious. I try not to give a hoot what others think. Alas, I have triggers. Today I hit upon two of them: crowded public transportation and poor choice in clothing.

As those of you who know me know I’m the proud owner of a big booty. They are apparently in vogue now so I have embraced my bubble butt. However, I suffer from a bit of claustrophobia. In other words, when I am on buses or trains I like to have my space. My rear usually supplies me that benefit. The exception is when things get crowded. The bus this morning was a nightmare. It is usually not that crowded and people generally don’t sit next to me, which I am a-ok with. Today was different… someone sat next to me! I immediately went from feeling good to feeling gargantuan. My mind knows I’m not but the person squeezing themselves next to me makes me feel otherwise. I hate that feeling. I want to run off the bus and wait for the next, but who is to say that one would be any better? Plus I just want to get to work so I fight through it. Fight my insecurities and pray for no traffic. There was traffic. Bad mood… hook… line… and sinker.

Then I’m walking to work when the second trigger hits. My shirt has elastic on the bottom. It keeps riding up my back and I have to keep fighting it to stay down. Even though I know it has to do with the design of the shirt and not the size of my tummy I have been miserable all day. I may have to put it up for auction on EBay. Although, it didn’t bother me when I left the house so it could have been my mood. It gets one more chance!

I’m now on the bus ride home free from a traveling partner and pushing further and further away from work. All is right with my evening… and perhaps an early bedtime.

Tomorrow will be a better day it’s Friday people!


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