Throwback a comparison!

For this throwback Thursday I decided to do a comparison of a picture taken of myself in 2013 and one take just last month. The reason for this is because it is beneficial to reflect on where you were to appreciate where you are now.

The picture on the left was taken in 2013 when I went to visit one of my best friends in North Carolina. I had just moved into my aunts house. It was the first real test of my freedom to go where I want and not be controlled. No one to beg. No one to guilt me. No one to stop me. I went to visit my friend whom I hadn’t seen in forever because I wasn’t always allowed. My face kinda looks tired no?

The picture on the right is me now. I look brighter somehow. Very happy. I think it is mostly noticeable in my eyes. I love my life now and I clearly display that in my demeanor.

Joy is in control of my command station. If you’ve seen Inside Out you’d get that 🙂

*I am wear no make-up in either of the pictures.


5 thoughts on “Throwback a comparison!

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