Me run? C25K: week 1-day 1

My Thanksgiving thankfulness continues into this new week with the following:

I’m thankful that I have a gym around the corner from my job.

I’m thankful that it is only 15 dollars a month and I did not have to sign any contracts.

I decided to join this gym because it is getting a bit too cold for me to walk outside.  I didn’t want to stop so you can generally find me stationed on the treadmill… walking.

However, something changed today. I’ve had this app, couch to 5K, downloaded onto my phone for months now.

Cover art

Icon looks like this

It is designed to ease you into running. It is a 2 month program that builds you up to being able to either run a 5K or, in the least, run 30 minutes non-stop. The first time I tried this app was last spring. I used to go to the park everyday while I waited for my mom to get out of work. I mostly walked. I’m not a runner by any stretch of the imagination.  This meme pretty much describes any reason I’d be running.


Pardon the rough wording!

I decided to try one day to jog.  I got a whole 30 seconds before I pulled up lame, clinching my side, and breathing like air was selling out fast on Black Friday. Once I got a hold of my out-of-shape self I held my finger over the icon, pressed down, and removed it from the front page of my smartphone. After all I wouldn’t be needing it anymore. Two things became clear to me that day:

1. If there was ever a zombie apocalypse I’d get caught.

2. I couldn’t be a superhero.


Fast forward to today. I was going through my phone and saw the app so I figured I’d give it another go. Maybe on the treadmill it will be somehow easier. So I loaded a gym playlist on my phone with exactly 30 minutes of move-it music and hit the treadmill.

Week 1 Day 1:

5 minute walk warm-up

8 intervals of alternating 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking.

5 minute cool down walk.

Easy enough right?

Well I did it! I got through the whole 30 minute workout and added 15 minutes of walking until my sciatic nerve started to hurt. When I got to the locker room my face was the reddest I’ve ever seen it but I survived! I actually jogged for a total of 8 minutes. What I thought was impossible was possible. I guess I just wasn’t ready to do it before today.

I will do it all over again on Wednesday. I wonder how my body and strength will be at the end of the 8 weeks. I am excited to find out!

However, finally, I am thankful that blogging is a sit down activity because my legs are like jelly!

**As a side note… there is another blaring achievement lodged into this post… I did it all in public. I jogged at the gym not caring what I looked like (beat red face) or what anyone thought of me. I looked around and no one was even paying me any attention because guess what? They were working out too!**


9 thoughts on “Me run? C25K: week 1-day 1

  1. Congrats on doing the whole walk/jog! I had to comment because I also downloaded that app… over a year ago. I used it for about two weeks, 4 times/week. I am also not a runner (like you said — unless I’m being chased, and even then, I’m screwed!). But I was impressed that I was able to jog for any of it at all! But about 2 weeks in, all sorts of ‘life’ happened and I stopped for a bit… and never managed to get my groove back. But reading this makes me want to try again!

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  2. I loved your last note about people NOT looking at the gym. That’s a fear of mine. But I would bet some of them started where we are! Congrats on finishing the first day. Woot woot!

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    • Exactly! Not everyone shows up at the gym already in shape! It was a mental block. Now I don’t care as much because I’m working on myself. Who is anyone to judge me for that? Not anyone I would want to talk too.


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  4. I love that app! I use it every March to help get my hibernating butt back in gear for summer biking. It’s the only app that gets me to run. But I’ve never actually finished the program…:/
    Also, $15/month an no contract is unheard of! That is a really great deal.

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