The Real Neat Blog Award

Much thanks is necessary to Waterblogged for The Real Neat Blog Award nomination. I’m excited for my first recognition 🙂 It goes without saying that you should check out her blog it is pretty awesome!

Please answer these questions:

The last book you read from a foreign author?

Henry VIII: The King and his Court by Alison Weir

Christmas in Finland or Christmas in Antigua?

Christmas in Antigua. I wouldn’t mind laying out in the sun during a New York winter holiday!

If you could choose where to live (regardless of family, your commitments, etc.) – where would you live?

Maybe somewhere that doesn’t get too much snow!

Somebody you admire – why?

I admire so many people it would be hard to choose. Each and every person in my life brings so much into my own. I also have to admire myself. I know this sounds conceited but I’ve grown so much in 2 years that I wouldn’t recognize the old me. Since all the people in my life helped with that so we are all awesome!

What did you do for your last holiday?

The last holiday was this past Thanksgiving. My father cook his usual ton of good food. We had some family over and my boyfriend. Great conversations and no arguments! I call that a score lets try for Christmas Eve next!

Your favourite book?

Love Your Body Now! by Maria Bucaro

The reason that I love this book is because it gave me my “a-ha moment.” I started to reevaluate how I talked about myself. Learning to accept myself has been such a free experience. Not caring what others have to say about your body is very powerful. I do recommend this book.

Do you prefer travelling by ship or plane?

I’m not particular fond of planes but for all the places I want to see it is probably the smartest travel option. A ship to Europe from New York might take a long while! I would like to go on a cruise though. I have never done that.

The rules!

  1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the seven questions the person who nominated you provided.
  3. Nominate seven other bloggers.
  4. Create seven new questions for the people you nominate.
  5. Display the logo somewhere on your blog.

My nominations for the next round are:

Avalanche of the soul

No Love for Fatties


A Perfectly Flawed Ruby

Free from him

Dare to not diet

Learning to love a shrinking me


My questions are:

  1. If you could travel in time where would you go?
  2. What book are you reading right now?
  3. If your TV could only play one television show what would it be?
  4. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
  5. You win the lotto what do you buy first?
  6. If you didn’t have to work what would you being doing instead?
  7. Are smartphones dumbing down society? Why or why not?





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