My short take on the holiday season!

Well it has happened again! We are in the mist of the holiday season. It is a time for spending time with family and friends, shopping, and eating! Eating everything! Or wanting to eat everything! It all smells so good!

This can go one of two ways (maybe more what do I know?).

  1. You deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy for the quest to lose weight.
  2. You over stuff yourself and join a gym and weight watchers in January.


I came across this article, 21 reasons not to care about holiday weight gain, scrolling through my Facebook news feed. I didn’t take all of the suggestions too seriously but it was a fun and interesting read.

The problem is when you approach this time of year it is good to remember that it only consists of a certain number of days. The holiday season generally runs from the end of November to early January. Within this period there are a number of holidays celebrated by different groups of people.

Thanksgiving: November 26th

Hanukkah: December 6th – 14th

Christmas Day: December 25th

Kwanzaa: December 26th – January 1st

New Year’s Eve: December 31st

New Year’s Day: January 1st

However, what I don’t see on this list is a holiday that runs straight through from November 26th thru January 1st!


What does this mean? For me, on the one hand, it means I am going to relax this year. I am not going to over obsess and count every piece of food I put on my plate. However, on the other hand, I won’t do this every day from now until I’m rolling myself to the gym to work off my holiday weight gain.


I won’t even do this for every holiday I celebrate. My favorite eating holiday is Christmas Eve and you betcha I will enjoy it. It comes but once a year! For Thanksgiving I had a nice plate of food and a dessert. I gained 1.4 pounds but I am confident enough to know that it will be lost.

I also decided that I am not going to stress about the numbers. I am going to focus more on building my strength and becoming healthier. Weight loss will come but I’m moving my energy away from focusing on just the scale. It is a mental game.  It is also no way to measure a person’s self-worth.

It is okay to relax on a holiday. Don’t beat yourself up because you want a piece of apple pie. Eat it and enjoy it because guess what? These same holidays are on the calendar for next year too!


**I thought these memes were hysterical so I had to add them**


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