C25K: week 1-day 2 and odd trends!

Welcome to day two of my couch to 5k 8 week challenge. I’m still sore from Monday’s jog and walking extravaganza so I took off yesterday to give my poor muscles a break. Plus it was raining… who wants to go to the gym in the rain?

Alas it was raining today too… I can take another day off right? I’ll just do days 2 and 3 back to back to finish the week. I told myself no you’ll hate yourself if you don’t spread it out so I put on my hoodie and went to the gym.

I decided today that I will just complete the 30 minutes of the program and then head back to work. I want to see any improvements to distance and time within that 30 minute span. Today was harder to get through the 8 jogging intervals than it was on day 1. Not sure why. Most of the time I was pep talking myself into not giving up and completing all 8 jogs. I was going to walk through a few but I didn’t. I stuck to my guns. During the rest of the  time I was thinking about what I was going to have for lunch. Food is always on the mind some days!

These were my results for the day


I’m happy but very tired!



Now that I got that out of the way I want to tell you about the strangest thing going on in China.

Forget the belly button challenge! New social media craze sees millions of women trying to touch their breasts by reaching around their backs

Why? What does this prove?

Is it so important that you prove your skinny that you run to social media and preform a behind-the-back-boob-grab? So many things wrong with this idea I don’t know where to begin. I mean seriously this is pretty much anti-body positive as it comes!

First of all it does not prove your thinness. It proves that you have flexibility and/or long arms. This girl is an example of someone who can’t do it because her arms are too short. Does her short arms make her less desirable to people? All this is doing is putting negative thoughts and feelings into those who “fail” the challenge.

A Weibo user with the screen name of ‘HelloCqyi’ said: ‘First it’s to touch your belly button, now it’s to touch your breast. I can’t do it either way. I have short arms.’

Second, I’m sure a challenge such as this is more advantageous for those with larger bust sizes. They don’t have to reach around as far. How does this make the small busted girls feel? That they are not adequate as women because they can’t reach their small breasts?

Third, it’s just simply degrading and silly. Women once again being judge on outward appearances and apparently now having to prove it by pulling ridiculous stunts for attention. They are grouped into those who “Succeed” and therefore proved their attractiveness and figures, and  those who “failed” because they come up short to the standards.

Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe I am being influenced by the book I have been reading (review coming soon). Maybe it is because I am jealous I can’t reach around my back and cop a feel.

Eh I’ll just start my own trend. I’m going to take a pictures of various body parts holding up a glass of water to prove how big and awesome it is!

Who’s in?



12 thoughts on “C25K: week 1-day 2 and odd trends!

  1. great job pushing yourself to go to the gym! and to get through your workout. always hard when your muscles are sore and fatigued and hate you for it hehe. but in the end it will be well worth it!

    for the rest of it: my mom would play board games on her stomach when she was pregnant with my brother hehe! she was on bed rest in the hospital so they would lay the playing board on her stomach and it was big enough to hold it steady so that the pieces didn’t fall off. Maybe that should be a new trend as well!

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  2. Good job! I’ve found the same thing, that the first time jogging or something can actually be easier than the few next ones. But it’ll get better once you push through these. What comes to the belly button/breast challenge: WWHHAAT? That’s just insane. Sounds like something 13-year-olds might do to amuse themselves during recess.

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  3. Good for you for getting yourself there and doing your training! I also did my own training today, even with the snow going full force in my face lol. It was only flurries before I left but started snowing heavier as soon as I was out there… go figure! Of course as soon as I came back inside the snow stopped! lol The important part is we got it done because sometimes getting started is the hardest part!

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