Throwback Thursday: Grandma double talk!

Today’s throwback is dedicated to the grandma double talk. What does this mean? I shall explain!

I love this picture. I miss my grandmother. I miss all my grandparents for that matter! I will get to each on their own.

This is my Grandma Lois on my father’s side. Wonderful woman. Loved her grandchildren to the proverbial moon and back. She had an endless supply of love for us all. A God fearing woman who frequented church on Sundays. Great cook! Had an awesome house in the mountains of Pennsylvania. She lived near a community pool which we often visited. I learned to dive there. Great times, great memories 🙂

That is me on the other side. This was taken on my 8th grade graduation day. I was 13 years old and sporting a nice 90’s style hairdo. I was brave enough to wear a dress so this was before my body shame turned away from dresses, shorts, and anything else that showed arms and legs. That was destroyed a little later on. I also look like I am sporting a RBF (resting bitch face). I smile way more nowadays!

Now that I gave you a background on the picture I shall explain what I mean by the grandma double talk.

I was perhaps slightly overweight throughout junior high and high school. I was never a “healthy skinny” size. This provided me with tons of self-esteem issues through the awkward years of puberty.

My grandmother was good for the compliments though. She used to tell me things like “there is just more of you to love” or “God made you perfect just the way you are.”

Here comes the double talk. I didn’t even pick up on it till now. I learned a lot about dieting from my grandmother. She was always on some sort of diet regime so whenever I went to visit I learned something new. Few of the things I remember the most were, how to count calories, Optifast, Slim Fast, and weight watchers. The only diet I participated in was counting calories and by default I learned how to read food labels. We also used to weigh ourselves to see how much weight we lost.

Then there was the exercising. We used to go for walks sometimes to the community pool. We’d also take Max the dog for long walks or went down the street to her sister’s house. Exercise tapes (and yes I mean actual tapes) were also a big thing. One of the more popular ones we used to do was Dancing to the Oldies with Richard Simmons.

I will say this now. In no way do I remember her pushing the need for me to lose weight because I was too fat. This was just something that was a part of her life and when I was with her I joined in. Being young we are like sponges and pick up on things intentionally or not. I called it double talk because even though I didn’t feel pressure to lose weight, I wasn’t discouraged from learning about dieting.

I love and miss you!


10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Grandma double talk!

  1. What a sweet picture! and oh goodness do I remember the Richard Simmons tapes! hehe. It’s nice to hear your memories about your grandma. She sounds like an amazing woman! And the good things that came from your relationship like being able to read nutrition labels. Even though there is what you call double talk, you can also see the love she had for you and her interest in your well being! 🙂

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  3. This was very much my experience too. My grandmother dieted her whole life, but to her, I was always “perfect”. No one ever told me to diet – it was just something I learned that women do when they become adults. Isn’t it so sad? Our grandmothers were already perfect to us, no need to lose weight. Let’s be as perfect to ourselves as they were to us and us to them!

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