Why did I ever fear boots?

I used to have this odd fear of wearing boots. A fear of knee-high boots in particular. Why?

The boot, as a noun, is defined in the following ways:

  1. A covering of leather, rubber, or the like, for the foot and all or part of the leg.
  2. Any shoe or outer foot covering reaching to the ankle.
  3. An overshoe, especially one of rubber or other waterproof material.
  4. An instrument of torture for the leg, consisting of a kind of vise extending from the knee to the ankle, tightened around the leg by means of screws.
  5. Any sheathlike protective covering: a boot for a weak automobile tire.
  6. A protective covering for the foot and part of the leg of a horse.
  7. A protecting cover or apron for the driver’s seat of an open vehicle.

None of these sounds particularly scary except maybe perhaps number four! Unless you’re into that I don’t judge but torture sounds quiet unpleasant!

You know what I do not see on this list?

  1. Boots are only for skinny people
  2. Boots are only for people with “normal” sized calves
  3. Boots are only for the cool
  4. Boots are scary
  5. Boots are not for Stephanie

So what is it about the knee-high that was so scary? I summed it down to two things.

  1. I have large muscular calves. I didn’t think they made boots that would fit me. Anytime I saw knee-high boots the calf looked way too small. Plus I never recalled seeing my size in a wide width at any shoe stores. Even if they did, wide width was for my foot not my calf! I just didn’t know how to shop for them. I didn’t know wide calved boots existed.
  2. Due to my inability to fathom that they made boots for wide calves I lived under the assumption that knee-high boots were only for the society standard “skinny/normal” person. This was etched into my brain deeply.

So I didn’t think they made them for big calves and therefore implying that they were not for me.

However, in November or December of last year I began the process of branching out from my normal footwear of sneakers.  My sister gave me two pairs of black boots. One was a knee-high and the other was an ankle bootie.  I tried on the knee-high first and they actually pulled up over my calves!  I was surprised to say the least.  Although, when I looked at my legs in the mirror, I immediately thought they looked like stuffed sausages!  I couldn’t be seen out in public like this!  I would look stupid and be made a fool! Everyone would point their fingers and laugh… “Hey look a big girl thinking she can walk around wearing knee-high boots!” So I stored them in my closet and wore the ankle booties instead. That was more acceptable. They didn’t try to break the line of foot and leg. I’d be safe!

I wouldn’t be until May or June of this year when I finally decided to try them out.  At this point I had been practicing my “I don’t care what people think,” attitude.  It was something I was learning about in therapy (which I had recently begun).  My boyfriend and I were going out on a dinner date and I decided I wanted to look fancy and dressed up. I wore a skirt that day and I was still a little weary about showing my legs.  I figured the boots would be perfect for providing some coverage. Guess what? Nothing happened! The world didn’t stop to point and stare. No one laughed or yelled out obscenities. It was a normal lovely evening.

Only problem was I didn’t realize how hot they would be when it is not cold outside! Back in the closet they went and would stay there till the temperature drops.

Here I am a year later wearing the boots my sister gave me and I just purchased another pair from Torrid!

Moral of the story? Don’t fear clothing! Where what you love!


13 thoughts on “Why did I ever fear boots?

  1. Good for you 😊 I’m slim build but have awful legs, short stumpy and usually hairy legs – summer is a nightmare for me as I hate to show my legs – but you’re absolutely right – the world won’t cave in if I bare my legs – young children won’t run shrieking in horror – well maybe only the really young ones – your boots look fabulous 😊 x


  2. I always think that I can’t wear boots! My calves are very big, and I can never find any boots that go up over them – stylish boots that is! I have a pair of winter boots that I left in Canada which have lace up fronts so that helped and I loved them! They didn’t make the cut for the move though. I did bring rain boots – more like purple “barn boots” hehe. But even they only go half way up my calf and they are tight there so I’m glad they dont go any farther up.

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