Thowback Thursday: Change in a second!

Word prompt: Seconds

Seconds are all it takes

For things to change

To flip the tape

One second I’m sitting

On a bus bench

Destination unknown

It would be my second time

Out on the streets

Riding buses and trains

Trying to keep warm

Passing the time

Until the sun rose

Feeling like no one cared

I’d begin to cry

Feeling alone

People just stare

Don’t ask if you’re okay

You’re none of their concern

The next second

My phone rang

A familiar voice was heard

My father calling

He had some news

My aunt was giving me a room

I was confused

But I was so happy

To be out of the cold

I hopped a bus

Went there that night

She wasn’t expecting me so soon

*Photo taken right after moving into my aunt’s house


5 thoughts on “Thowback Thursday: Change in a second!

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