Dressing up for the Holidays!

I am having an unbelievable year as I have previously touched upon in my blogging adventure. I have more going on this holiday season than I ever have before! There seems to be something happening every weekend leading up to the New Year.

This Saturday I am attending the wedding of a close friend whom I am over the moon happy for!

Sunday I am heading to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with my family and boyfriend; after which I am sure we will stop and visit the tree in Rockefeller Center!

Next Friday there is the holiday dinner with my wonderful former coworkers.

That Saturday is the friends’ holiday get together

Sunday we breath

Wednesday we are going to a birthday/ugly sweater event at a bar for another awesome friend’s birthday

Christmas Eve with family

Christmas with family

New Years Eve party

New Years Day

Sounds exhausting but I am looking forward to every single event with excitement!

With that said I am actually putting in an effort this year to dress the part this holiday season. Or at least do the best I can! I’m still experimenting with my style.  Last weekend I went to visit a dear cousin of mine to take photos in front of her amazing Christmas tree. It spins and has every form of awesome ornament a geeky fanatic would love! She is also a great photographer! I brought two of the outfits that I plan to wear for some of these events. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Red is one of my new favorite colors to wear! Just not in pants!

The first picture I am wearing a red textured skater dress from Torrid. The black low heels were also purchased from Torrid. I got the standing-while-taking-pictures-with-them-on down to an art… hopefully I’ll be able to walk and dance with them at the wedding!  The black lace top was bought from Zulily.com

I love shirts that have something to say!

The second is a more casual outfit. The sweater I am wearing was bought from Ashley Stewart. It says “I was good at being bad. Does that count? I hope so Santa! With it I paired knee-high boots and faux leather leggings. My mother can’t believe I bought those… neither can I! They kind of show all your nooks and crannies but that’s okay. You don’t like it don’t look! I’m going to wear them anyway!

Say it with me… awwwwwwww

This one is just to post because why not! We’re cute and he was such a good sport!


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