Crazy weekend: Two events down!

Anyone who knows me knows that I hold the opinion that there needs to be a third weekend day to recover before having to go back to work on Monday. ESPECIALLY when your weekend is full with very little down time. This past weekend was just that.

Saturday I went to a dear friend’s wedding. I was super excited for her and happy to share in her special day. With a 3:00 PM start time I wanted to get started at 9:30 but I ended up laying in bed until 10:45. We were leaving at 1:30 so this meant there was a decision to be made(not my strong suit!) It would have to be hair or nails… I didn’t have time for both. I decided hair figuring no one was planning on taking pictures of my fingers.

I opted to wear a bodycon dress.  Meaning a tight and fitted dress.  I would never and I mean NEVER have worn something like this 6 months ago. My growth has been quite speedy if I seriously think about it. The only thing I was worried about with wearing this dress was whether or not there was enough room for the food baby I would have after eating…I was starving! Oh and if it was riding up…

Front view

My little black dress!

Back view

My hair looked good!

With my handsome date!

We look so cute!

So how did my fingers look? Could you tell they were naked of color?


On Sunday we met my family in the city to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I had never seen it so I was excited. After the show we went on a backstage tour thanks to my awesome boyfriend with the hook-up! We also stopped to see the tree in Rockefeller Center, the lights at Saks Fifth Ave, and the window decor. We ate chestnuts, sat in Bryant Park, stopped at the Nintendo store for my nephew, and had dinner at Pigs and Whistle. All around it was a fun and exhausting day.

Compared to the day before I went with comfort! Sweater, leggings and sneakers. Done! Since it is the middle of December in New York City I obviously would have to wear a jacket right? … nah it was a beautiful day in the 60s! I’m hoping this nice fall like weather lasts a little longer!

The tree from a distance. It was too crowded!


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