The weight of self-worth

Word prompt: Saga

Let me ask you a question

How do you define self-worth?

Is it based on someone’s opinion?

On the size of your girth?

I was once thrown

Into the pit of depression

Brought down by a man

Who made me live in oppression

He was ashamed every day

My looks were a fail

He hung his head in shame

To be dating a whale

He would force me on diets

I had to lose weight

If I gained instead

On thin ice I skate

So I’d starve for days

Before I’d give into food

Because I was forced on the scale

And his insults were crude

There was nothing logical

With what happened to me

To live with a man

Who brought me down to my knee

From this experience

What did I learn?

Not every man

Will treat you so stern

It is hard to recover

From such a hole

But I met a man

He healed my soul

I’m not telling you

A relationship is required

To define yourself

For self-esteem to be acquired

Live life on your own terms

Don’t let anyone put you down

Shake off the nasty words

Before the weight makes you drown


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