The day I met my beloved!

Today’s word prompt was beloved so I decided to write about my beloved. Keeping it light and happy today 🙂 

The month before I met him

I learned to be alone

The break was what I needed

From it how I have grown!

It was over when we met

He took my breath away

With him I’ll spend all my time

My heart will never stray

Conversations flow with ease

The moments are never dull

I lose myself in happiness

My anxieties are at a lull

It was that cold winter day

The moment I discovered

How much I deserve the best

The day I met my beloved


16 thoughts on “The day I met my beloved!

  1. Beautiful poem! In my own case, the day I met my beloved 15 years ago, he knew that I was the one, but I had other things like my career on my mind. Here we are, 15 years together and I know that fate simply arranged it all.


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