Throwback: That’s not Santa!


We are now a week away from Christmas Eve. For me that means stuffing my face with all the fish that will be cooked! This is my favorite eating holiday and weight watchers or not I will eat!

Ideally I would like to post this next Thursday, Christmas Eve, but I cannot guarantee I will make it to my computer with all the eating I will be doing 🙂

I’m sharing this picture with you because I think it is totally awesome… baby fat and everything!  I call this the stereotypical child-pouting-on-Santa’s-lap picture… I still make this face!

I am pretty sure more than my mother can love this face 🙂

Anyone else have such a picture?


9 thoughts on “Throwback: That’s not Santa!

  1. Stephieann, you can schedule a posting for any future date and time. On the Publish button (on the left next to the section where you write your post) there’s a little desk calendar icon that you can click to open a calendar and a clock (at the bottom). Just select the date and the time and whatever you would have published by hitting the Publish button will publish at your set time. I hope that helps.

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