The get-out-of-a-bad-day plan!

I am currently still making my way through the book, Things no one will tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker. This past week I came upon this wonderful chapter titled “100% of humans have brains: mental health support is for everyone.” 

This is a great chapter because it provides you with a detailed plan to escape bad days. No one is perfect. We all have our up and downs. This isn’t for just people fighting depression and anxiety. We all need a pick me up now and then. The shirt I am wearing today for the feature photo says it all! I therefore feel compelled to share this information with you my lovely readers 🙂

Option 1: Create a 5-legged support system.

Jes makes the suggestion of surrounding yourself with five legs of support. She came up with five because you will be able to remain stable even if two legs were to disappear.  What does she mean by legs? Simple. They are anything that you consider to be supportive. It can range from a partner, a family member, friend, or actions like dancing. Find them and turn to them whenever you find yourself feeling down.

Option 2: Make a hard-day plan before you have a hard day.

She suggests writing out a list of things that instantly make you feel better.  Whenever you feel defeated look at the list and do something from it that makes you happy.

Option 3: Create a working diagram

Jes came up with a diagram to fill out when a hard day happens.  The idea is to help yourself work your way out of it.

Step 1. Write out an “I Feel” statement because committing it to paper helps with problem solving.

Step 2- Describe what that looks like in symptoms.

Step 3- Identify the core influence’s of your life.

Step 4- Assess them and ask yourself are you caring for EACH properly?

Step 5- Create solutions… what can you do TODAY to rectify them?

Step 6- Put them in order

This is an example from her book of a diagram she made for herself.

I have come to find writing to be very therapeutic. There is something about putting words down onto paper that really make you analyze them. I’m going to draw up one of these diagrams for the next time I am having a not so great day.

Option 4: Treat your brain like a car

  1. Be sure to have enough gas. EAT!
  2. Recharge your battery. SLEEP!
  3. Keep jumper cables handy. Remember that list of things that make you instantly happy?
  4. Get some friends to help you push. Five-legged stool!
  5. Make an appointment with your mechanic. Sometimes you need to talk to a professional of some type and there is nothing wrong with this. It has helped me tremendously!

Option 5: Put your self-care first

It is absolutely necessary to care for yourself first it is not selfish. How are you suppose to have healthy relationships with others if you don’t have one with yourself? I have found that a happy me makes my interactions with others happier.

Now go forth and share this information!


On that note… As I read this chapter I opted to not stop to put the suggestions to use. I kept reading. I told myself I will just do it later when I am done. WRONG! That is one of the worst things you can tell yourself. I’ll just do it later! I’ll remember! Well I could have used this advice yesterday because for whatever reason I was a hot mess.

To be fair to myself it was another busy weekend.  On Friday we attended a Christmas dinner with a group of my former co-workers that I hadn’t seen in some time. Saturday was a double whammy. We went to my aunt’s house for an early family dinner. My Uncle, his daughter, her daughter, and his fiance and her daughter came from Pennsylvania for a visit.  I wanted to see them before they left because it had been a while since I had.  My cousin also just had a baby in September so I was excited they were coming down. Later that night we went to a friend’s house for a friends’ dinner party get-together.  Her fiance cooked up an amazing meal.  After all was said and done we rolled ourselves home around 3 AM.

Sunday I slept in until 2 in the afternoon and just woke up in such an insecure mood. I absolutely dislike when I get like that and it took me the whole day to shake it off.  I basically mopped. It was a low key day. I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. I felt numb. Lesson learned I’m going to write out my get-out-of-a-bad-day plan now so next time I can shake it off faster!

On a more positive note here are some outtakes from my weekend 🙂

Friday night Christmas dinner!


Meeting my new baby cousin!

My aunt’s beautiful tree and fireplace!

Rainbow cookie cake… is that legal! So good!


21 thoughts on “The get-out-of-a-bad-day plan!

  1. This was an enlightening post. Thank you for sharing your struggle…and your end resolution which was write out that list. 🙂

    Did you write out your list? What did you put on it?

    By the way, your links show up as broken on my screen.


  2. I love this post! And the advice you’ve passed along is more useful and possible than most I have heard or read. Because, you know, when I feel like shit, the last thing I want is for people to give me suggestions that I know I can’t do, so I end up feeling worse!

    I feel like I need to print out this post and stick it to my forehead so I will truly remember to do these things… because right now, it’s almost 2am and I need to sleep. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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