A study rules out you can be fat but fit…

This morning I was on the bus heading to work scrolling through the trending topics on my Facebook feed (sorry dad for using data) and I came across a study regarding obesity and fitness. And my eyes rolled…

Fat but fit worse than slim and lazy: Study demolishes myth that exercise makes up for obesity, scientists say

Here was my internal dialog as I read the article. Only some of the article is quoted.

Scientists say they have destroyed the myth that you can be “fat but fit,” with research showing that obese regular exercisers are likely to die before slim unfit people.

Obese people with high levels of aerobic fitness were 30 per cent more likely to die prematurely, compared with those were slim but did little exercise, a study of 1.3 million men found.

I thought if you exercised regularly you lose weight? Diet and exercise anyone???

The researchers tracked men for 30 years, before coming to the conclusion that being the right weight is the most important factor for long-term health.

Why were only men tracked? Does this mean only obese men shouldn’t exercise? Do I need to wait until my 60s before I am told whether or not I should or shouldn’t go to the gym? Because you know it is awesome to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do! How terrible!

Scientists said the findings demolished the myth that being fit could compensate for obesity.

Unfit normal-weight individuals had a 30-per-cent lower risk of death from any cause than did fit obese individuals

But how do they suggest people obtain this “normal weight”…

A number of studies have suggested that obese people who were regular exercisers were at no greater risk of a potentially fatal illness than people of normal weight.

So should “obese people” not workout and just sit around? I am pretty sure there are studies out there that contradict that statement too!

Earlier this month, England’s chief medical officer suggested that obesity poses such a threat to the country it should be treated as a “national risk” alongside terrorism.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how obesity deserves to be in the same sentence alongside the term terrorism????

Then I took a nap the rest of my commute!

I just can’t help feeling that this is such a dangerous article! Yes let’s tell people fat=same as terrorist. TOTALLY THE SAME THING! Let’s just go ahead and provide fuel for the people who think they can shame fatties thin. All those health warriors out there shaming fat people got new ammunition today.


Made me laugh because it is true…

Newsflash that doesn’t work either as other studies have shown! You can read about that study here The word that shall not be used!

There is so much research out there and it is all contradictory to each other. One study will tell you “exercise to lose weight” and another says “exercising has no impact on your life span unless you’re normal weight you’ll still die sooner.” But how are people to achieve a “normal weight” if not for including more activity in their days? It’s just all such a mess how do you navigate it? What are we to believe? Should we believe any of it? Is it reliable information?

Being happy in my own skin is the best decision I have ever made. It has brought me great joy and empowerment. I haven’t lost much weight this year as compared to last year but I also haven’t gained. Regardless of the number on the scale it has nothing to do with my self worth and my basic rights as a human being. No one has a right to comment negatively on my body.

Am I reading too much into this? Perhaps. I leave the floor open for conversation!



7 thoughts on “A study rules out you can be fat but fit…

  1. Lmfao. Obesity should be treated the same as terrorism. What the hell does that even mean! I guess, if they were going by American standards, treating it the same as terrorism, it wouldnt be taken that seriously. 😂 I was actually just preparing my next post earlier today that kind of goes hand in hand with your statement about “nobody has the right to comment negatively on my body”. Hopefully I can finish it tonight!

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  2. ooo I saw that article too!! I didn’t take the time to read it though haha. Thanks for breaking it down for us! 🙂 Maybe I can use it to justify watching movies all weekend and eating cookies? lol Just send the article to my doctor and tell him that there was a study so I’m just following science? hehehe oooo silliness of the internet

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