Throwback Thursday: Christmas edition!

I know it is Friday but I missed it yesterday due to prepping for the big Christmas Eve festivities. It is my favorite holiday of the year and yesterday was not a let down!

It took me two years to finally feel whole again within the family unit.  I missed so many holidays due to those circumstances of a controlling nature.  This year was probably the most I ever smiled or laughed. Very easy to do when you mother gets drunk! I’d post the video but I am unsure she would appreciate that! I felt relaxed and bliss like. It is a good feeling and I am going to hold on to these moments for as long as possible.

I almost feel like canceling my therapy session this week but I know that is never a good idea. Those 45 minute talks keep my bullshit in check… she calls me out on it constantly but I am mentally stronger for it.

On top of my relaxing family holiday dinner, this past week I conquered another one of my fears.  On Wednesday I wore colored pants…something other than black or dark washed jeans.

I wore red leggings and I liked it!


This was me before heading out to an ugly sweater happy hour at Howl at the Moon in the city.  We were celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays! I think this sweater is more cute than ugly but oh well!

Seriously, if there is anything I can leave you with today it is wear what you are afraid of! It is the quickest way to get over it. I’m now going to look into adding more colors to my wardrobe. It is such a powerful feeling to not care what others will think about how you are dressed. And you know what? I think I looked just fine!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend my lovely readers!


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