Crazy weekend: Part 2!

I know I haven’t been all that active as of late.  These last four/five days have been a whirlwind of activity. On top of all the running around, the weather here in New York City doesn’t know what it wants to be so I’ve not been feeling 100%. For example, we had the A/C on in my house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… in December… in New York… then last night I heard ice hitting the windows… so yeah… all that!

After all has been said and done… after all the food has been eaten… after the dust of the Christmas holidays has settled…I’ve climbed out of my food fort I called my dinner plate and gained 6 pounds.

Am I upset… no… I mean I was momentarily I won’t lie… but overall I am okay with it.

That six pounds was full of laughs, great food, fun conversations, and bonding. That six pounds was love, living life, and not apologizing for eating. That six pounds was sitting with family, visiting friends, and watching the Star Wars movie with my boyfriend. It was drinking wine with my cousin, enjoying that extra pieces of fish and shrimp, eating the awesome cheesecake my mother made, picking off the crispy ends of my father’s prime rib, and popping popcorn.

I’m not going to stress over the holiday weight gain. I did last year. I counted every calorie that entered my body. I refused sweets. I overstuffed on veggies to the point I threw-up. I cried when I gained 2.5 pounds in one week. How is that a way to live?

The big difference I noticed this year was that I had more fun! I was more relaxed and let loose a little and I am not sorry for it!

Here are some outtakes from the past few days.

10450761_1088203217856857_1926607238092260786_n (1)

My mother bought matching family shirts


More of my mother’s purchases… funny lady!


With the best!


Before the movie fun with my boyfriend’s new lightsaber I got him

Fun times right!?!


Here are a couple things I have planned for the upcoming days.

  1. The profile of an emotional abuser and how to fight back
  2. Throwback Thursday: End of the year review of what I am thankful for… what I have learned…how I have grown…what I am leaving in 2015…what I will accomplish in 2016. One of these things is a guest blogger series details to follow.




15 thoughts on “Crazy weekend: Part 2!

  1. Girl, I don’t own a scale! Best decision not to buy EVER! Don’t beat yourself up over a measly 6 pounds. That’s totally water weight! Also, your body is BEAUTIFUL (did that sound too candy-van-creepy?)! Rock that beautiful self in that Star Wars fashion!
    Also, my sister lives outside Reading, PA and has been absolutely pissed about the weather! AC on Christmas is unholy!

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  2. Well as someone who is pro fitness & wellness, I have enjoyed reading your blog. It definitely stands behind what I want to get across to people. I have made a post about the scale & how people should use it/view it when and if they decide they want to. More so because I have always been one to believe weight doesn’t determine your health. Your health determines your health. I just started blogging and I hope one day you can maybe enjoy some of my own. Mine focus on fitness/wellness.. overall health pretty much because of my major. I live in Ohio, so I understand how the weather sometimes “can’t make up its mind”, lol



  3. Hey, I am in total agreement on enjoying your holidays without stressing about food. It’s meant to be that way, I think. I actually posted something about this a couple of days ago! [“delicious traditions.”] I think we are on the same page with holiday fun and laughter. It’s not a time to worry about things like how much or what we’re eating. Stressing about that definitely spoils the fun!

    Love the Darth-dress/top. I should get to sleep right now because tomorrow we’re going to an early showing of The Force Awakens. Let’s hope it awakens me early enough! Haha. Okay, that was a lame joke. 🙂

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