Throwback Thursday: Reflecting on 2015!

Well this is a happy coincidence. Not only is it Throwback Thursday time, it is New Year’s Eve. I dedicate this blog post to my yearly reflections. 2015 was one of those year I always said I was going to have but never believed I would. I’d start each New Year thinking that this was going to be it. This year was going to be my best year yet. Then at the end of the year it was a bunch of same ole same ole. Starting over the summer of 2014 things began to change for the better in terms of how I viewed myself. I started to come out of the dark hole I had been living in. That momentum continued to roll into 2015.

If 2014 was productive one for my personal growth… it exploded in 2015! Not every day am I a body positive warrior, lover of life, and everything in it. I’m still a roller-coaster ride but I’ve excepted that is life. Ups and downs are going to happen. What I learned was how to deal with the downs so they don’t overtake me for more than a day or two at a time. Beginning therapy last January helped me tremendously with that. This post I made also has some great tips for getting out of a bad day!

My list of personal accomplishments has also grown in length. I have taken on the mentality of doing what scares you until it no longer feels scary. In 2014 I wore a tankini while sitting on the beach, wore a skirt, bought a dress but not wear it, decided on loving myself instead being a hater, and lost 30 pounds.

This year that list looks something like this…

  • Wearing dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings, knee-high boots, tank tops, tankini, red lipstick, and colored pants!
  • Going to a Zumba class, running on the treadmill at the gym, and running for a bus!
  • Taking full body pictures not just my face and posting pictures I felt were unflattering!
  • Blogging!

You can also read about it here!

At the beginning of 2015 I participated in that long standing tradition of resolution making. My grandiose plans were to write a book and earn money to pay off my debts. I also wrote down that I will continue to be the best friend that I could to all those I love and care about.

What is missing from this list? Lose weight! That puppy has been on my list of New Year’s goals for as long as I can remember. I decided to focus more on becoming healthier and what happens happens. I lost 5 pounds…. I’ll take it!

While I did not write that book and pay off all my bills, I did start this blog which will one day lead into the book and paying off my bills!  I was scared in the beginning to write out my thoughts and feelings on such a public forum. Turns out it has been a rewarding experience. Getting to interact with my readers and other bloggers has been enlightening and I thank you all for reading my musings and sharing your thoughts with me. 2016 will be even greater! One of my goals is to have a guest series once a week and I would love for everyone to participate!


A glimpse at my year stats. Not bad for only 2 months!


This is a map of the highlighted countries where people have read my blog!

After dragging my feet all year about not being able to write, I began this blog in November.  My first post, But let me first write an introduction, debuted on November 2, and it has been nonstop ideas and fun since.

As for being a good friend I leave that decision to everyone 🙂

What else made this year so great?

The happiness of all my friends. The engagements, the wedding a few weeks ago, new love and happiness all around.

My cousin giving birth to a beautiful baby girl!

There were also a lot of positive changes for me. I finally landed a full-time job. I hadn’t worked one since 2006 when I left it to return to college. It is not where I want to be… but it is a springboard that I will jump off from. It was difficult to leave my old job. Very difficult. I loved it so much! I loved the people I worked with! I loved the work itself! Working in a library is my career dream and I will get back there!

The biggest change of all comes from the line of the year. Last January one of my best friends said to me…

“Hey Stephanie you should talk to my friend. I think you two would be good together.”

A week later she sends me a text asking me for a photo and gave me his number. He texted first and we’ve been talking and having a great time ever since!

He is truly my other half… two-peas-in-a-pod. I have never felt love like I do after I met him. I am forever grateful for our meeting and I will continue every day to make it better than the last. With him I actually see that life has yet to begin…even though I sometimes complain about getting older.  Whenever I thought about the future before I couldn’t see one. It was all dark and vague. I now see it peering brightly through 🙂

What do I look forward to in the upcoming year?

There is no “new year, new me” I like me just the way I am!

I will continue to conquer my fears, get better at making decisions, grow my blog, start writing my book, and continue tackling bills.

I will work on living a healthier lifestyle focused on the principles of Health at Every Size and being a body positive warrior!

I will continue building my strong friendships, feel closer to my family, and be the best girlfriend I can be.

The movies! So many movies coming out this year I am looking forward too! I’m looking at you Captain America: Civil War, Dawn of Justice, and another Star Wars!

Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone! Let’s all make 2016 incredible!


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Reflecting on 2015!

  1. I love this! I want to be a professional writer and pay my debts, too. I just started my blog this last March (2017). It’s been getting easier and easier to write, but I keep realizing how little I know about the literary world and finding an audience :/ however, bloggers like you give me hope an inspiration:)

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