Throwback Thursday: Swimsuit edition!

I dedicate this week’s Throwback Thursday to the swimsuit dilemma. So… yup… you are seeing correctly. Last year around this time I tried on a bikini top.  Everyone was raving on the Torrid website about how awesome their bathing suits are so I wanted to see for myself.

*As a side note…It doesn’t take much convincing to get me to go to my favorite store!


They are as amazing as people say! I never put on a swimsuit before (pre-boobs) that held them up like a bra. Usually every one that I have ever owned was very non supportive. I flipped and I flopped before I even get into the water!

This top was the exact opposite. They even have a piece in the cup that gives you extra lift… not that I particularly need the extra push… I was happy enough that they weren’t dangling at my knee caps.

Did I buy it you ask?

Heck no! It’s a bikini top! It shows way to much skin! I look like a beached whale remember?

That’s what you were told you. You’re an embarrassment. I can’t pull this off. Get one of those tankini tops. At least it will hide your tummy. You’ll still be fighting the status quo but in secret. No one has to know! Baby steps you don’t want to rush it anyway.

The 60 or 70 something dollar price tag for only the top also bought it a speedy one way ticket back to the racks. It was fun to try on though. I can dream of a world where this is acceptable for me to wear… Can’t I?

Guess what?

I’ll get old waiting for everyone in the world to accept me wearing a two piece to the beach. Why wait when I can do it now? Remember that long list of things I accomplished last year? Well this year I will completely conquer all the remaining beach fears. This year I decided that I will do it. I will use my Torrid haute cash coupons and purchase me a two piece swimsuit. I win in two ways. First, I get a nice swimsuit… one that has recently caught my online-window-shoppers-eye. Second, with the haute cash I’ll get it for half the original price! Plus I think I am owed an annual anniversary 10 coupon this month and I have another 10 dollar award… because well I shop too much and this is Torrid’s way of enabling me… Man I love coupons!

Only one question remains… Left or right?

I’m leaning towards the left but I can’t decide!


28 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Swimsuit edition!

  1. Ohhhh they’re both so gorgeous!! Sorry to be absolutely no help, but I can’t decide between them. Good luck with that :p
    I can’t wait to see the blog post when you wear one of these babies in public for the first time. I killed this fear last year and it felt AMAZING! Eeeeh exciting!

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  2. If you’re going to actually swim, I’d say go for the one on the right. It looks more functional. But if you’re just lounging pool-side go for the one on the left. It looks more like an outfit. Both are super cute. So, really, you can’t go wrong. 🙂

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  3. Swimsuits are a huge fear of mine. I usually go with the skirts….but I feel like skirt suits are…apologetic. “Please excuse Katie’s thighs.” So, in the spirit of your blog, I’d lean towards the non-skirt – because it doesn’t apologize for my figure. (Plus, it’d be easier to actually SWIM….)

    I wish to heaven and back that I didn’t care so much, but I can focus a hella lotta hate on those turkey legs of mine. So, in reality, I’d wear the skirted one, with a sheer shirt that went to my knees, and a paper bag over my head.

    But I wish I had the courage for purple. I wish it didn’t TAKE courage to wear the purple one.


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