It’s Caturday!

We can’t always so serious so today I’m dedicating this post to Caturday!

My feature image is a selfie I snapped with my best cat Tino. He is a dog in a cat’s body. He loves belly rubs, greeting me at the door, and sleeping on my bed when I let him. He sits and on my lap, nudges my hand with his head demanding pets as he purrs. Such a good and adorable cat!

In my house there are two cats. Here is a picture I took of my cat Tino and my brother’s cat Jeter (We are a New York Yankees household if you couldn’t tell).


They live such a rough life!

My love of kitties are often represented in the clothing choices I make. Not my fault they make such adorable outfits with cats on it! Here are a few of those outfit choices!

I’m wearing the awesome “Meow” sweater and cat print pencil skirt today. It’s like a warm comfy soft hug 🙂

Do you like animals? Do you display them proudly on your clothes? Or is that just me 🙂

Happy Caturday!


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