The (Not So) Tell-Tale (Fat) Heart

I just had to share this. Unreal the lengths people go to post misinformation.

Dances With Fat

This picture and caption combo has gone viral on multiple media platforms:

Fat Heart A picture of a human heart held by two latex-gloved hands with the caption “The is the heart of an obese person.. Remember folks, this what happens when you get fat.  Fat tissue builds up around the heart and clots/chockes it. Fat is not beautiful, it is not be be glorified.

BOOM, SCIENCE!  I guess that’s the end of the Fat Acceptance movement then. Bonus points for enacting the “glorifying obesity” thing in which it’s suggested that fat people who choose not to live our lives in a state of perpetual self-loathing are “glorifying obesity.”  As I’ve pursued the life I want in a fat body, I’ve often been accused of “glorifying obesity,” oddly, I am also short and yet I have never once been accused of glorifying shortness. That’s because this is about fatphobia and has nothing to do with health.


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4 thoughts on “The (Not So) Tell-Tale (Fat) Heart

  1. Just discovered your blog and read this post. Beautifully written! In my own journey to try to lose weight yet again and again, I learned it’s not about weight. It’s about how I feel about me (and a lot more). The weird thing is, as I’ve been trying to heal and figure it all out, I accidentally had a spiritual awakening a few years ago, that propelled my “healing” into overdrive and has completely changed how I see, understand, and interact with life. Can’t wait to read more of your story. (And I hate how things in media can be twisted around and used to play on our fears).

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      • Quite honestly, I’ve learned that when people don’t feel good about themselves deep inside, is when they spread hate. I find that people tend to spread that which is spewing out of them. Time to read more of your posts!


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