Dear Mind and Body!

Dear Mind and Body,

I’m writing you this letter because there has been a major miscommunication and we need to get on the same page.

Mind… remember why we joined the gym last month? We joined the gym so that we would have a warm place to go on our lunch break to get our steps in during the cold winter months. Where oh WHERE did you come up with the idea that we would try JOGGING???? WALK… that’s what we do. We walk! Since we learned to walk we’ve always walked. When do you ever remember wanting to run or aspire to be a runner? I’m asking because I am confused by your stubbornness to all of a sudden want to jog on the treadmill. Don’t give me the “but I want to survive the zombie apocalypse” story again… you’re a smart mind. You’d get by on your wits I’m sure of it! Yes I also understand that the C25K app is amazingly motivating and your new “I can do anything I want” attitude is taking over… but body doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with it.

Now body… do you remember why we joined the gym? To build up our stamina so we can walk a mile without having to take sit breaks. So that we could build strength in our back and legs in hopes that the sciatic will go away. To become healthier! Yes I understand that jogging is coming out from left field. I don’t get it either but it is not that strenuous. It is such a light jog. Only one minute at a time in between walking cycles. The treadmill speed is not even at 4.0 yet. Why oh why do you feel like we were hit by a truck and dragged on our arse and knees for a mile and a half? I know you’re stronger than that!

With that I beg you… please get on the same page! Find some common ground where both of you are satisfied. I don’t want to go through every day like today where I am saying things like “what else can I do while I’m already standing” or “what else do I need while I’m down here picking up this _____ that fell.”  Maybe we can do intervals of one day the jogging thing and the next time we just walk? Figure it out please!

With much love,

An achy Stephie


Shirt from Torrid Active-wear… yes that is lipstick… I went on my lunch break at work!


22 thoughts on “Dear Mind and Body!

  1. I can relate. I started doing physical therapy a week and a half ago, after not doing any for my back in over 5 years. But it’s degenerating and my sciatica is acting up to where it’s getting hard to get a night’s sleep. With all of the new stretching and strengthening, everything hurts. I want to curl up into a ball and do nothing, but I need to get through this hump of painful time so my back will get happier. Here’s to you and to working up your stamina!!

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  2. When I started running, I had a disconnect between my muscles and my lungs. My legs would be ready for more, but I’d totally be out of breath….then in a couple of weeks, my lungs were stronger than my legs. The important thing is to keep doing it, of course. That’s the hard part!

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