RIP: The many roles of Alan Rickman

This has been a tough week for loss in the celebrity world. I don’t usually allow myself to feel too sad when a celebrity dies because they generally wouldn’t give a hoot if I did. This may sound weird I guess but it just feels funny to me. For me it is a tightrope. But today I’m just going to say it…. I feel sad… I feel extremely sad.

I received the news on the bus today as I was commuting to work. Alan Rickman had passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 69. I went into denial and quickly searched for reliable news sources to verify what I was seeing. It wasn’t trending on Facebook yet so maybe it was a hoax? There have been plenty of hoaxes over the years of celebrity passing and I was hoping that this was one of them.

Unfortunately it was not. The news was true and something happened… my eyes began to fill. Alan Rickman was one of my favorite actors.  There are two things I always used to say about him: He was my old guy crush and he could read me the dictionary and I wouldn’t get bored. That voice!

Alan Rickman was an amazing actor. He made me love Professor Snape when nobody else did. I refused to believe the character was bad. I just refused it! He was a genius in Die Hard, Sense and Sensibility, and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Actually… he was was brilliant in EVERYTHING I have ever seen him in! EVERYTHING! He was an incredible actor and very versatile. Unfortunately I never had the wonderful experience of seeing him do live theater but I hear he is fantastic there too. I wouldn’t doubt it. A true talent was lost today and I am allowing myself to feel sad.

Below is a bunch of images from various movies that I have seen him in and no this is not all of them just some of my favorites.


Die Hard: Hans Gruber


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieve: Sheriff George of Nottingham

HP3-TRL-022C_rgb.jpg Film Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter: Professor Severus Snape


Sense and Sensibility: Colonel Brandon


Galaxy Quest: Alexander Dane


Snow Cake: Alex


Dogma: Metatron


Bottle Shock: Steven Spurrier


Something the Lord Made: Dr. Alfred Blalock


The Search for John Gissing: John Gissing


Blow Dry: Phil Allen


He was even in a music video!


Rest in Peace Alan Rickman 😦


4 thoughts on “RIP: The many roles of Alan Rickman

  1. I generally feel the exact same about celebrity deaths, saddened by their passing but not too upset. And I also had to check out “credible news sources”. I first saw it on facebook and had to check at least 3 other sources before I believed it!

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