Visual look-over assessment: Enough you make no sense!

I was reading an article this morning about model Tess Holiday. She was talking a bit about her life before her breakthrough, what her new status means for her family, how she deals with trolls, and a short mention of her upcoming clothing line. Then of course you read the comments (of anything that mentions her) and mixed in with the admiration are 3 negative themes.

  1. She is lying about her size 22
  2. She is promoting unhealthy lifestyle
  3. She is a thief and immoral (I honestly don’t know much about this last one and cannot comment.)

So what is the point to all of this?

In this blog post I want to take a look at number 1: Lying about her size.

It is tiresome. This is a plea for people stop calling someone a liar based on a visual assessment performed over a computer screen or magazine. Size is oh so very subjective. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account and I promise you just looking at someone is NOT one of them. Many people object to Tess being a size 22 because either they’re a size 22 and she would never be able to fit into their clothes… or they’re a size 26 and there is no way she looks smaller than them so she must be lying…. can we just stop?  None of that matters.

Below is a series of size charts from five clothing stores and a international size chart. I will describe what sizes I would purchase if I was going by these charts and also what I have in my closet.



Coldwater Creek size chart

I don’t really shop at this store but my mother has given my clothes from here. According to the chart I would be anywhere from a 1 to 3x. For pants I would be a solid 24 but I have two pairs in my closet right now that fit perfectly and they are a 20.


Fashion to figure size chart

In the store Fashion to Figure I am from a 1 to 3x. So I am buying from the size range 18 to 24 depending on the article of clothing. I have a nice sweater from here that is a 2x and a dress I had to get in a 3x.


Lane Bryant tops size chart


Lane Bryant bottoms size chart

At Lane Bryant I buy shirts anywhere from an 18 to 24 and pants 26 to 28.  A pair of jogging pants I got are a 26 and I should I bought a 22 because they are falling off. Jeans though are a 26. Snug on the hips and very loose in the waist.



Ashley Stewart size charts

I never really shop often at Ashley Steward but in tops I am a 2 to 4x. Bottoms I would have to buy a 28.  The two sweaters I bought in December were a 3x and they are entirely too big.


Torrid Size charts

I buy from this store the most. In tops I range anywhere from a 2 to a 3x but I have mostly lately been buying 2’s… especially in tees and dresses.  In jeans I range from 3 to 4 meanwhile in leggings I buy 3 and could probably go down to 2. I’m currently eyeing a bathing suit… the top will be a 3 and bottoms a 4.


The international numbers are all over the place from 16 to 60 depending on where I am traveling to and what I am trying on.

Basically my point is that height, body shape, fabric, and how the clothes are made by the manufacturers all cause variations of sizes.  Looking at someone tells you absolutely NOTHING about the number on their clothing tags. So enough already you sound ridiculous.

I did some side-by-sides with Tess. Everything here is Torrid. Her pictures are from her Torrid shoot and mine are just from my shopping addiction.  The jeans she is wearing are a 22 mine a 26. The dresses are both a 2. Can you really tell size just by looking at us?

**throws the mic down**


Have a fantastic day!




11 thoughts on “Visual look-over assessment: Enough you make no sense!

  1. I love this post!! it is sooo true! I find that each brand and each style is different (see my post on bra’s from the other day! GRR)! In one store I can be a medium in one shirt but then go to the next rack and an XL is soo small. It’s all about cut and fabric. I also find there is a different between plus sized stores and regular stores. In Canada we have Penningtons which is where I buy most of my jeans. There I am a size 18, but when I worked in retail and had to order “regular sized” clothes, I was a 22 in pants. I am actually kind of glad that Tess Holiday has started to make waves in the fashion industry, as well as Ashley Tipton (hope I spelled that right) winning Project Runway. They are showing that big is BEAUTIFUL, even those there will always be haters.

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