Wandering Ravens: Eliminating poverty one product at a time!

I didn’t realize it until I embarked on my journey back to Earth… but… I am a blessed human being. I am surrounded by such talented and social conscious people that I am lucky enough to call my family and friends. I want to take time out to highlight these wonderful parts of my life (each in their turn) and talk about their creativity and talents. 

Today I want to bring attention to my wonderful friend and former coworker Kristen. This past June, Kristen took a giant step in a scary direction and left her job and traveled across the United States on a road trip that changed her life. The outcome of this trip was a social awareness to the poverty that was seen everywhere she went. The trip was written about in her blog Wandering Ravens.

From her experiences and new life lessons learned she created a company named after the blog Wandering Ravens. The company specializes in “handmade craft & artisan goods, art, and vintage and unique gift items.”

Wandering Ravens was started with the belief that “everyone has the right to prosperity and that prosperity can be achieved through social responsibility, mutual respect, and collaboration.”

What makes Wandering Ravens unique is their sponsorship system. This system “provides free access to materials, training and support to impoverished individuals willing to obtain the entrepreneurial skills to regain control of their own lives and futures.” Their aim is to put 50% of product profit into this sponsorship system.

What does this mean? Their success is equally dependent on the individuals’ success. It is a retail shop that is equal partners with those they are trying to help while also trying to make a living.  You can view the video presentation here.

How great is that?

I highly recommend checking out Kristen’s blog and shop at Wandering Ravens.

In addition…with the upcoming holiday next month… I shall repeat what I said in a previous post regarding small business… Why give something that has been mass manufactured when you can buy a piece of originality?

  1. You are guaranteeing the person that they are receiving something original!
  2. You would be supporting a growing small business and enabling an individuals to continue following their creative dreams!
  3. It is good for the economy!
  4. You are inspiring creativity!
  5. It teaches to love and appreciate the unique.
  6. Best way to avoid human exploitation by big boxed companies.
  7. No waiting in lines!

Below is a highlight of some of the beautiful products currently available at the Wandering Ravens shop. It has also just recently been updated with Valentine’s Day cards and gifts!


The Wandering Ravens 2016 road trip calendar features twelve beautiful photos from Kristen’s trip across the United States. It also comes with a letter from Kristen detailing how the trip changed her life and brought about the founding of her company. I can personally attest the the beauty of the photos. I bought two of these calendars and gave them to my parents for Christmas to hang in their offices at work.


This is a beautiful throw pillow and I just love the look of this graphic! How nice would this look in your home 😉

brooklynbridgeThis is a new product on the website. It is an original ink drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge by artist, April Melchior of Urban Works Textiles. Such a talent!

Finally here are some examples of the Valentine’s Day cards and handmade crafts to be found in the Wandering Ravens shop. At the shop you can find these handmade heart ornaments, love birds on a throw pillow, jewelry, and how cute are these cards? I love the funny play on words 🙂

Support small business and all of the craftiness! Your loved ones would certainly appreciate it!


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