Is It Bullying? – A Visual Guide

I disagree with the first statement of this image, but everything else is pretty much on point. When someone unintentional hurts you it could just be a case of thoughtlessness or cultural differences. For example, I had a coworker last year that used to talk to me about my weight like it was a natural topic of conversation. I found the words she said to me offensive but I brushed it off to cultural/background differences.


As for the bullying… yea I was bullied. I was bullied up until age 32. The last of the bullying ended when I got an order of protection to stop the emotional harassment and fake Instagram accounts using my name and image. I don’t get bullied anymore. It will be dam hard for someone to think they can. My new self-acceptance makes me… for the most part bully proof. Do I still have moments where I feel hurt… absolutely no one is foolproof… I certainly am not. But my recovery game is pretty strong!


What bothers me the most… hearing stories from my 7 year old nephew regarding things kids say to him at school. Kids he still calls his friends. I want to make him understand that these are not his friends. People who are your friends will never bully you. Friends stand up for you when you are getting bullied. Your true friends are ones that even stand up for you when you’re not there to see it. My friends have all done this and I wish for him the same. It pains me that he faces these kinds of situations because some kid thinks it is okay to put him down. Getting upset at him for defending himself tells him that he is wrong and the bullies are right. It’s a difficult thing to navigate. What I’d love to do is find these parents and tell them teach their kids respect. It all starts at home.


How have/would you handle bullies?

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Wikipedia describes Bullying as;

“the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.”

If your child (or yourself) are unsure of how best to categorize any difficult interactions you are having with others, the simple guide below, that was found posted to a fence, will be of help.

Is It Bullying? - A Quick Guide

Please sharethis with your friends and family. Let’s do everything WE can to…

bullying wallpaper

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6 thoughts on “Is It Bullying? – A Visual Guide

  1. You’re right in suggesting that children need to be taught not to do so. As much as they have rights, so do others have. As much as parents try to monitor their behavior to stand as role models, they must try and see what other things are playing a part. At times the cartoons or TV programs that the kids are watching might be promoting what parents are trying to avoid. They might be showing this as a fun thing ultimately making it seem normal to bully others. At times parents themselves are being bullied by others in front of their children, and a submissive behavior might make them think it’s the only way to handle this issue. Our helping attitude towards others being bullied can teach them a lot.

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  2. I’m happy to say the my kids have an anti-bullying program at their school and I think it helps. Will it stop every kid from bullying? No. But at least they do have repeated exercises to understand what is and isn’t bullying. And the teachers, staff, and principal are trained to look out for bullying.

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