Caturday: Rub my belly!

So let’s make this a Saturday tradition can we? I break up the tone of talking about abuse and body shaming with stories about my best cat fur baby. He is a special cat after all.

He was the last of a litter of 5. He was born approximately 3 to 4 hours after his sister and brothers. He was also the only orange one which was strange as the others were dark furred. I always wanted to have an orange cat so I was immediately drawn to him. Also, fun fact, he was born on my birthday! He will be two years old in July. Nice and easy to remember!

So we share a birthday, he is a beautiful orange color, and he is unlike any cat I have ever had. I call him the dog cat. He has greeted me at the door, come when I called his name, loves to jump up on my lap and do the dance thing with his paws while he loudly purrs, and he also loves to have his belly rubbed. He will assume the position when he sees you.

Photo proof? I have plenty 🙂






He’s too cute!

Do you have pets? What cute things do they do?

Happy Caturday 🙂


13 thoughts on “Caturday: Rub my belly!

  1. Right now, I don’t have any pets but I have had many in my life. One of them was a talker. If you said something she would always try to speak in that kind of rolling extended bark. It was funny! She’d listen too, when I talked. Pets are the best!

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  2. So adorable 😍
    I’ve got 2 cats, one is 11 years old so she basically spends her time eating and sleeping & the other is almost 1 year old, she won’t stop bothering the other cat and doing stupid things by playing!

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  3. AWWWW he is adorable!! I have a dog back in Canada, he just turned 9 yesterday! (well still today for you) and he’s a little jerk sometimes lol. Like if hes eating something he KNOWS he’s not suppose to eat and you catch him, he will start chewing fasting to get it down before you can stop him. He also hates being picked up, so if he senses you are going to pick him up (he knows!) he will push all his weight into the floor so you can’t. lol Sometimes I just want to snuggle the stuffing out of him though! hehe

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  4. I don’t have any pets right now, but a few years ago I had a cat who would not sleep anywhere at night other than on my pillow, over my head like a halo. Or a headband. If I tried to put him outside my room and shut the door, he would scratch at it all night… so I had to let him in. I always wondered if he was going to roll onto my face and suffocate me!! 😀

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