Jacqueline Rose: Hand crafted jewelry with love and energy!

How was all your weekends my awesome followers? Mine was out of this world fantastic! I celebrated my one year anniversary with the love of my life.  For this super special evening I went through a ton of planning as I wanted to look my absolute best. I try and try again to be fashionable whenever I go out to a big event such as dates, birthdays, or anything holiday related. Sometimes you just need a little bit of help and lucky for me I have amazing people in my life to help guide me along.

Today’s post I will introduce you to another one of my amazing friends. A person I have known for 15+ years, Jacqueline Rose Ranieri. Back in 2014 she took a leap of faith and quit her job to pursue her passion for fashion. She “combined her professional background in fashion jewelry product development with her passion for philanthropy and humanitarianism to create the eponymous brand,  Jacqueline Rose.”

The Jacqueline Rose jewelry brand is three things.  It is inspired by Jacqueline’s interests in healing gemstones, astrology, and numerology… the idea being that creating and crafting jewelry with these concepts in mind she is bringing positive energies to her customers. It is designed and handcrafted directly by Jacqueline herself in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. It is dedicated to charity.

As a charitable organization, the Jacqueline Rose brand draws on the personal history of the artist herself. In her bio she states the following:

Growing up as a foster child who was naturally attracted to the arts, I understand the importance of giving children an outlet to let their creative expression thrive. Everyone deserves to have a childhood rich in innocence, imagination and exploration. Playing an instrument, singing in a choir, or painting a picture can offer vast therapeutic relief and cognitive focus for children in foster care. It gives them a sense of pride and self-worth, which is important for inner stability and growth.

Therefore, the brand is dedicated to part of each purchase going towards providing “educational resources for foster children enrolled in the Futures Program at The New York Foundling. The Future’s Program boosts a child’s talents and academic skills and helps set them up for long-term success.”

In addition she will soon be running a promotion that “for every product purchased in the month of May, Jacqueline Rose donates one piece of inspirational jewelry to foster teenagers enrolled in the Young Mother’s Support Program at The New York Foundling. Jacqueline personally hands out the merchandise to the girls and volunteers her time offering a mentoring workshop and jewelry making demonstration.”

For further information and to see the jewelry line you can check the online shop at shopjacquelinerose.com.


I shall now tell you how her jewelry brand relates to me. Here are my credentials:

Birthstone: Ruby

Astrological sign: Cancer

Numerology: #9

1. Healing powers of gemstones

The healing properties of Ruby center on blood and infection, as well as increasing positive thinking. Ruby’s intense energy sharpens the mind, bringing a heightened awareness and excellent concentration. It promotes a courageous attitude, and may increase one’s success in controversies and disputes. Ruby is associated with Number 1 in Numerology, Cancer in Astrology, the month of July, and the Root Chakra.

My positive thinking has vastly improved over this past year. I have definitely become mentally stronger. As for controversies and disputes I tend to stay clear as I dislike drama. I’ve had enough in my life and no more is welcomed! I’ll count that as success!

Although lately my job has been stressing me out but I bit my tongue and cry it out when I get home!

2. Astrology

Cancer: (June 22nd to July 22nd) – Ruby

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and symbolized by the Crab. Your ruling planet is the Moon and ruling element is Water. Cancer is associated with numbers 2 and 7 in numerology and the Sacral Chakra. Meditate to the mantra “I take time to NURTURE myself as I nurture others. When I learn to say no and am in touch with my own needs, I create a warm environment for all.”

I have said this numerous times before… you cannot care for others unless you are caring for yourself. How can you care for others if you are not at your best?

I’ve also always had a strong connection to the moon. If I weren’t terrified of tattoos I’d get one of the moon.

I own and wear this bracelet often. It combines my zodiac symbol and my ruby birthstone.

3. Numerology.

The first time I really learned about numerology was when she launch the Jacqueline Rose website. I discovered my number is 9. If you’d like to know your number and life path click the link above for numerology. For me this is what the number 9 translates:

It is symbolic for peace, compassion, charity and unconditional and universal love.  Your lucky colors are red, rose, and gold. Your gemstones are rose quartz, bloodstone and garnet. Number 9 is associated with Aries and Scorpio in Astrology. There is no Chakra associated with this number. Meditate to the mantra “I release the past and let unconditional love surround me. I am successful when I am generous, philanthropic and learn to forgive.

While my astrological sign is cancer I find that I relate to what is written here. I have been drawn this past year to reds. I began to wear it not only in my clothing but on my lips. It is a color I used to fear but now I can’t get enough. I am also learning how to release my past. By talking about it here on this blog it is my way of putting it to words and releasing it. Writing truly has become my healing process. I also allowed unconditional love to surround me and feel real love for the first time in my life. My boyfriend spoils me with the basic necessities of life… something I plan to blog about in the future. I also aim each day to be a generous human… I’ll admit to needing to add more philanthropic works. Finally, learning to forgive… is difficult… you still feel the pains of being wronged but learning to let go is important for your personal health and growth.

This is another piece I own from the Jacqueline Rose collection. It’s simple and perfect!

I also LOVE that her jewelry is handcrafted… you know how I feel about handcrafted items! I love them. They provide you a unique look while supporting the creative ventures of the artists. You are receiving something put together personally and with love and care. All the pieces I own from the Jacqueline Rose collection are of great quality and are stunning.

So where else was I going to go for advice on accessorizing my anniversary outfit? All I had to do was send her a picture of my dress and she got back to me with photos of jewelry that would make my outfit pop! In my opinion… it really did!

These were the items I chose from her recommendations…

And this is how it looked!

I love these so much I wear them a lot! Any reason to pop on some red 🙂

Here are some other pieces currently for sale that have caught my eye!


I highly recommend checking out the website. Each piece of jewelry comes with a description of how it releases it’s positive energies. Not to mention they are just simply gorgeous which is reason enough to go check them out!


5 thoughts on “Jacqueline Rose: Hand crafted jewelry with love and energy!

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  2. Love that rose opal necklace, whether or not it has any connection to me 🙂 I need to look this site up. I’ve always considered myself lucky that my birthstone is a garnet (red), although I would have preferred a ruby, but then I wouldn’t be an Aquarius, and I kind of like that.

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