Hello, don’t forget me!

On my way to work today I had the song “Hello” by Adele stuck in my head. Somehow it started to translate to me missing shopping so I decided to write my own parody of Hello. I haven’t done something like this since my high school days. Let me know what you think!

Torrid, it’s me
I haven’t shopped in weeks and my knees are getting weak
I want to buy, everything
But you know I have made a promise
That I intend to keep

Hello, don’t forget me!
I’m staring at my screen where you used to be
I’ll be back, eventually
I haven’t forgotten how well your clothes fit me

My credit card just stares at me
Begging for a spree

Hello shopping from my phone
Buying clothes without leaving home
I get free shipping because I spend so much
With my platinum status I feel so special

Hello coupons every month
I’ve never once let you expire
Great deals right there in my mailbox
The fact that I must miss this month makes me want to cry

Lane Bryant, how you doing?
I can hardly wait for you to have your semi-annual sale
Buy two, get two free
There is no other store that makes bras that fit me so well

They give me the proper support
All day long

So hello from February
I will have to wait until the month June
To stock up on all the bras that I love
Enough to get me through till the next sale

Hello new arrival updates
Three times a week is just not fair
How I love that cute bathing suit top
It would look so good on me this summer when I hit the beach

Ooooohh, the beach
Ooooohh, the beach
Ooooohh, the beach

Hello April where are you?
There is a pretty dress the color blue
I need it before my size goes out of stock
The fact that it’s so common makes this a possibility

Hello lookbook catalogs
Your models have such great styles
I want to buy everything that I see
I guess that’s why you send these to me


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