Throwback Thursday: My job vow!

It starts with a feeling… joy… utter and complete happiness… you no longer dread Mondays… you feel a slight sadness on Fridays (especially during your depressive states and hated being home with your feelings)… you are in a place where you feel like you belong… a piece of your puzzle has been found and you are complete… as far as career choices goes. That is what it was like when I began my job in a library back in 2010.

I previously worked in a supermarket (nope), retail (nope nope), a stock trader company (nope nope nope), as a substitute teacher (hell to the nope nope nope nope!)…

Then there it was… a building like no other… a place of learning and research! I spent many of my college years in one. Especially while I was writing my masters thesis. Now… now I was interviewing for a job to work in one! The one! My home college library… it was like a dream… My heart leap for joy!  I never knew job love like this before!

But alas I could not stay. It was part-time and the pay was not even close to enough to sustain an adult trying to start her life. I felt embarrassed by my monthly income so I had to make a change.  This was a change that I did not want to make but unfortunately they could not bump me to a full time position. I’m the kind of person who does not want to job around from job to job. I want to find a career I love, in a place I love, and build it. Now I am no where near naive… no matter how happy you are in a job there will be trying days… as there were and will be in the future. They are easier to deal with though when you are generally happy with your environment and the people you work with. At least that is the case for me.

I miss books. I’ve been away from them now for nearly 7 months and I miss them. Books don’t give you an attitude or treat you like you are below them. Here are some of my photos of the work I used to have…


My lonely desk back there in the corner with my favorite cart


More of the same books from the nursing book weeding surrounded by our Holiday party decorations!


All in a days work!


This spot on my desk was clear the night before… books just kept populating!

Never ending supply from new purchase to be cataloged, donated books to be processed, weeding and collection development. So much fun!

My featured image was taken by a co-worker because he said I looked like I was building a fort to hide behind… probably was the case! My job was so simple for me that I could watch TV while I worked… good ole days.

I am not all that happy in my current position. Call it my sensitivity to abuse but it definitely feels like emotional and mental turmoil dealing with certain people. I won’t get into the details but the environment is hostile and full of tension. Something that even on my worst days at the library didn’t come close.

So I vow and promise myself that I will once again find myself a job in a library… this time as a full on librarian. I will help students and faculty find books and aid in their research projects because that is my life passion!

What are your life passions?


5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: My job vow!

  1. These images are great, and to be surrounded by books must have been heaven. How sad to read you are not happy with your current position though. I hope you find your happiness once again, it sounds like you have made a promise and focused on doing just that! I wish you the best of luck.
    Luckily even though I have not worked in a bookstore or library or been around books, I have incorporated my writing (my true passion) into my day jobs in some form or another. One day I will be doing it full time, but for now, I find small ways to incorporate my passions into my daily life 🙂


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