Stephanie was spotted today at work wearing…

I don’t know if any of you were away but the Oscars were last night. Since my trending feed seems to be filled with what such and such actor/actress was wearing I decided to let you in on how I showed up for work today.


Stephanie was spotted today at work wearing a Torrid (shocker!) butterfly cold shoulder red animal print chiffon top and black leggings. She is also sporting glasses by This girl loves a deal!

Necklace was a gift from Sicily given to her by her arm candy boyfriend. What a lucky girl!



Check it out as she takes it for a spin!

I don’t know about you but the top seems to lack shape.

Modesty while at work Mr. Critic! We hear she had a meeting today!


Check out that hair! So long and wavy with a hint of wisdom streaks… so beautiful 🙂


As she kicks it back notice how comfy her feet are in those Adidas.

Who’s got it better?


Later in the morning Stephanie was spotted over at the water cooler. She works up quite a thirst holding her tongue all day!

Always smiling!


Oh wait what do we have here? Stephanie is looking out of a window longingly like she wants to be outside?

That’s her famous I want to go home look!

For showing up today Stephanie will be taking home the award for the


Thank you! Thank you! I want to thank God for giving me another day. Thank my parents for giving me life. Thank my friends for being awesome and my boyfriend for loving me despite all my whimpering about not wanting to go to work. I love you baby!

I therefore accept this award on behalf of my need to make money… can I also get one for Tuesday thru Friday? Please?


4 thoughts on “Stephanie was spotted today at work wearing…

  1. Meanwhile, I phoned it in and have been sitting on the couch all day. (I’m legit sick though. Not quite sick enough to not feel just a touch of guilt….but almost.) I’m sporting a purple waffle-weave long-sleeved T-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt from the school my kid is starting in the fall, greige yoga pants from the clearance rack at Kohl’s, and a pair of bright orange socks a friend knitted for me years ago.

    I’m stylin’, bro.


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