Sometimes I cry

Yea… that featured image is a good estimation of what it is like to be me ha!

Daily Prompt: Secret

Happiness bubbles
Countless reasons to smile
Yet sadness still troubles
But to live is worthwhile

Even if every day
Is not perfect bliss
My emotions may sway
But are healed by your kiss

I may fall to your chest
Eyes full of tears
In your arms I am blessed
You cast away all my fears

My secret is not shady
It is right there in my eyes
I’m just a happy lady
who sometimes cries


5 thoughts on “Sometimes I cry

  1. Yeah…I think that’s just because guys punch things instead of crying. Everyone’s emotions sometimes bubble over and you just need an outlet. We all do. When mine gets really bad and I can’t sleep I watch a cheezy chick flick and eat ice cream – tears can be cathartic so I try not to mentally beat myself up about losing my s*** every once in a while 🙂


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