Life is good and water is awesome!

Thus far today has been crazy at work. I am running around doing an assortment of tasks for three different people… fun!

One of the things I learned from my therapist is to go to my happy place… my happy place is using my boyfriend as a body pillow while we watch TV… but since I cannot do that while I am at work I go to the next best thing… water!

Water? Do you mean drinking it?

No no by water I’m talking about the beach, boats, listening to the waves, watching the water move. I am very connected with water (and the moon… man I love the moon). I can stare out at it for hours. It brings about a happy moment of feeling peace and serenity.

Some examples from my phone’s camera!

My commute to work

One of my favorite parts about my commute (if I had to pick one) is the express bus ride when it heads over the bridge. If I am not sleeping I am staring out at the vast body of water and watching the currents fight each other… or looking at the ships along the horizon.

Sometimes I take a picture like this one…


Friday beach days

I also love heading to the beach on my days off with my best buds. Two years ago while we were hanging at Coney Island bunches of bananas were swept ashore. We have no idea where they originated from but thought it was cool nonetheless… and of course took pictures!


Brunch cruise with my love!

I saved the best for last! Last August for our 6 month anniversary my boyfriend bought us tickets to go on a brunch cruise around the city. The motion of the boat as it moved around the large island was so relaxing that it knocked me out for a couple days! Not that I slept for a couple days but I was pushing through them in a state of sleepiness!

Here are some shots from that glorious Sunday afternoon. The featured image of this post was a picture of the water as the boat moved through it 🙂


I believe that was also the first time I wore a tank top dress in ages! As you can see from my rendition of the movie Titanic I didn’t seem to care too much!


Life is good and water is awesome!

Which is also my Object for the daily prompt! I am such a multitasker 🙂

All this talk about my six month anniversary has made me realize I have yet to share with you the awesome photos of my 1 year celebration from last month… opps!

I’ve been crazy busy :-/  Coming soon!


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