A connection like no other!

This post is an off shoot from a previous post about what the love month meant to me. You can find it here: What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…

Why? Because today’s photography prompt was connect and my anniversary night was full of photo’s that show connection!

Plus I want to share them. I haven’t done so as of yet…

The evening was perfect. It was an oddly nice night out for a NYC winter. So much so that I didn’t have to wear a bulky winter jacket and as those who know me understand… I dislike those things! They make me feel like I take up too much space… in addition to my already… unnecessarily so…feeling like I do… but that is besides the point. All I needed was a nice fashion jacket which I planned to wear anyway. Nothing about my outfit was covered up by those big ole uncomfy monstrosities!


We took a cab into the city which was great because my shoes were too big. I was walking out of them… my fault though for buying the wrong size and not trying to walk around in them before purchasing. We went for a nice dinner at a sushi restaurant by the South Street Seaport then cabbed it uptown to Rockefeller Center. He purchased us tickets to go to the Top of the Rock and in addition got the photo package! He understands and supports my desire for making memories and photo documentation of said memories. Is there not a more perfect man!?!

Our stay at the Top of the Rock was probably the only time I felt cold. Being so high up in combination with the crazy wind made for a very uncomfortable wait for the camera guy (no I was not lugging around a clunky coat just for the 20 minutes we spent up there). In the meantime we occupied ourselves with looking out at the vast city and taking our own photos. All done with my Samsung note 5 camera. I am seriously considering getting myself a nice camera someday.


Not only was there a seemingly never-ending sea of lights and tall buildings but you can see the many bridges that connect the boroughs of the city. (The triangle tops)


This is a nighttime shot of Central Park with another bridge in the far left. I can only image what this must look like in the daytime! I will have to make another trip 🙂


More lights and more bridges. If you look closely you can see them go along an upward diagonal through the picture.

After about a twenty minute wait for the photographer to make his way to us he took a series of photos in various poses. These were the ones we selected when we got back inside.


That’s not blush we’re wearing that is the mean wind leaving it’s glowing mark… all good though I think they came out amazing!


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