Cinderelly, Cinderelly, Night and day it’s Cinderelly!

When you are at a loss for words… prompts are a godsend!  I’ve especially come to really love word prompts.  It fascinates me how the brain works and what kind of images and feelings prompts float to the surface.  I should really tag all my word prompt posts accordingly so I can evaluate what words trigger what kinds of feelings and/or memories.

The word prompt for the day on the daily post is Drop.

Where did my brain go?


And now I have “Cinderelly, Cinderelly, Night and day it’s Cinderelly” stuck in my head!
(now you do too… don’t know it?…

… you’re welcome!)

Why? Because that is how my life has went. It was always drop what you’re doing for yourself because what I need is more important… yup like Cinderella! I used to think of myself as an indentured servant. I made the less money so I had to do ALL of the cleaning, cooking, pet care, laundry, errands, everything!

I had a thesis to write… sike! Put your research down and write me a two page book review…

But I have a thesis to write I want to graduate… what you’re still trying to do research? Let me take all your papers and dump them in the tub, douse them with liquid soap, and turn on the shower… adviser during the next thesis meeting… you should really put the size of the wall in the paper… (in my head sorry those pages were washed and I can’t go back and make more copies)… such is life!

I have to go to work…. wrong! Call out I need this particular shirt cleaned…

I have to go to work… nah you need to fix my papers…

I have to go to work… why you don’t make enough money anyway you’re staying here and editing…

I have to go to work… I’ll email your boss pretending to be you and quit…

I have to go to class… nope I am hungry you need to go to the store, buy food, and cook it…

I have to go to class… you can’t go I can’t find ____ and you need to find it…

I have a final today… what you have is to get in this car we are going somewhere else

See the theme? Drop what you need to do and do what I want you to do… So I don’t think my reaction to the heater situation was an “overreaction” Read Feeling the need to explain yourself… for further clarification!

I didn’t just drop my life when I was with my ex…

I’m also dropping things left and right at work…

Currently am working for two different areas so multitasking has become a necessary skill as I move throughout the day. I have masterly found ways to get all my running around outside chores done on one trip… two trips max. I begin my day looking for my desk under piles of papers but I somehow find it by the five o’clock run out!

I also drop myself… I’m clumsy… but I have gotten significantly better as I got older 🙂

*Pardon the curse word in the featured meme. I could stand to be more like that though!



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