Smell that? Oooo books!


Today’s featured image is a photo of one of the aisles in my college’s library taken on one of my many trips to the faculty lab to print posters.

One of my favorite things to do is walk up and down the aisles of a library and read the book spines. A job duty I used to do at my old job was shelf read. I was probably one of the only ones who didn’t mind doing this particular chore. I happen to enjoy making sure the books are in order and skim through titles. Especially if I was given the call number letters D and E. I love me some history! I’ve come across some interesting reads that way 🙂

This is part my love of books, part the meditative state my brain goes into, and part my OCD. I also fix things in stores… like if I am waiting on line I’ll turn all the candies one way or fix the chips bags so there are no open spaces… put clothing in size order when I am looking through them… one time I folded something!

Anyone else?

Just me?

Can’t be!


12 thoughts on “Smell that? Oooo books!

  1. Love the lines in your photo. ummm.. see that book, third section on the left? is it sticking out too far? that’s what I do, line up books in the library so they are all even on the shelf.

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  2. Oh my goodness I’m embarrassed to even share this but I’m that annoying customer who checks out the folded clothing then just leaves it all in a heap for the staff to refold (don’t judge me 😕)

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