Aunt Dots Paper Designs: Round 2!

Aunt Dots Paper Designs: Round 2!

Hello all you wonderful followers of mine! I am back again for another round of CHECK OUT MY FRIEND’S BUSINESS!!!!

There are a few celebratory events approaching including Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduations, end of the school year… plus you know it is someone’s birthday somewhere! So it is a popular time to go scrambling to the Hallmark aisle of the nearest store to purchase greeting cards. You can stand there at a crossroads wondering which generic card to purchase… or…

What better way to say I’m thinking about you then getting them a handmade card?

Check out these latest designs from Aunt Dots Paper Designs

Mothers are Like Buttons Handmade Mother’s Day Card


Handmade Happy Mother’s Day Card


Congrats Grad Handmade Graduation Card


Teacher Thank you Handmade Easel Card


Flowering Tree Handmade Dutch Door Fold Thank You Card

Set of Dotted 18 Handmade Paper Candles perfect for cardmaking, cupcake toppers, scrapbooking and embellishing


I’ve bought repeatedly from her and never have I been disappointed. The recipients of the cards have also loved them! My boyfriend still has his birthday card on display and it’s nearly time for another 🙂

People buy cards for any number of reasons.

Birthdays, Holidays, Sympathy, Get well soon, Uplifting, or Just for fun

When one such occasion presents itself we find ourselves walking down the card aisle of any given store sifting through hundreds of cards to find that perfect one. When you find that perfect one there are several others that look just like it sitting there waiting for someone else to pass by.

Same ole same ole!

Why give something that has been mass manufactured when you can buy a piece of originality?

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Today I wear shorts… #nofucksgiven

Today I wear shorts… #nofucksgiven


Today I wore shorts to work because well screw it! Showing off my big ole calves and no fucks are being given… you run out of fucks so fast and they are hard to acquire so a girl has to hold on to them!

I am going to swear by these shorts. Torrid jegging shorts… go get some… now! I’d go broke if they made them in every color 🙂

What did you do recently that was out of your comfy zone?

Throwback Thursday: The camera as I knew it!

Throwback Thursday: The camera as I knew it!

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so… it’s Throwback Thursday people! Today’s topic… cameras!

Lately I have been sharing with you many photos and what you’ve seen is not even half of what I took. My camera has hundreds of photos documenting my life for the past year or so… why? Because I’m happy… Continue reading

Vacation recap: Things I loved and things I learned!

Vacation recap: Things I loved and things I learned!

I’m sitting here at my computer desk at work wondering what happened to the past week!?! It flew by in less than a blink of an eye. A fog. Now here I am back in the jungle with a front row seat to the shit show and I am already thinking about my next trip! Continue reading

Forever 21 plus size heaven!


Yesterday I went to the Fashion Show Mall and checked out the Forever 21… and I was super impressed!  Their plus size clothing is located on the second floor and it is huge!  There were four large sections and one was dedicated to bathing suits… so many bathing suits! We are moving in and moving up my ladies!

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Red Rock Canyon tour


I did something yesterday I never really do… I went out exploring on my own. I took a guided bus tour to Red Rock Canyon and it was worth every penny… minus the annoyance of the bus getting a flat tire. He ended the tour early which was a bummer but we were pretty much nearly done anyway. Plus he dropped me off at my hotel instead of the one I took the monorail to for the pick-up. Continue reading