I made it!


I made it I can’t believe I’m on an actual vacation! I just got to say though what the hell happened to me? I don’t remember being so anxious in life or terribly claustrophobic. I’m grateful so much that the middle seat was empty. The second I sat down I began crying and my heart was beating fast. I started to settle down about 30 minutes in while we were over Pennsylvania. I put the flight tracker on the screen in front of me and that helped. I also read which took my mind off the flight. I sat by the window because I wanted to look out.

I took pictures of the circles in Kansas


Snowy mountains in Colorado


Red terrain of Utah




And as we landed


The west coast is beautiful! I never been so today I tour. I’ll be going to Red Rock Canyon. Plenty of pictures have already been taken!


View from the hotel balcony


The flower display at the Wynn


And us!


6 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. Your pictures reminded me of my one and only flight from Denver to Las Vegas. I liked the Kansas pictures because I am from Kansas but have never flown over the state. Hope you have a great time on your vacation.

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