Red Rock Canyon tour


I did something yesterday I never really do… I went out exploring on my own. I took a guided bus tour to Red Rock Canyon and it was worth every penny… minus the annoyance of the bus getting a flat tire. He ended the tour early which was a bummer but we were pretty much nearly done anyway. Plus he dropped me off at my hotel instead of the one I took the monorail to for the pick-up.

The tour guide lived in the area for 35 plus years and it was evident in his knowledge of it’s history. He explained things as far back as when the rocks were under water to the current situation. He also knew the name of every plant, tree, flower, and animal we passed!

Here are some of the pictures I took from my phone’s camera.



Standing on the sandstone



View from 5,000 feet above sea level


Pre-historic handprint paintings. Apparently these are unfortunately fading due to kids graffiti painting over it and they having to bring in restorers. Such a shame.



He said this last one is the first kind of bbq pit. It’s how the natives cooked their food.

I give this tour and site an A+ and so worth seeing!


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