Vacation recap: Things I loved and things I learned!

I’m sitting here at my computer desk at work wondering what happened to the past week!?! It flew by in less than a blink of an eye. A fog. Now here I am back in the jungle with a front row seat to the shit show and I am already thinking about my next trip!

The majority of this trip was F U N fun! There were only maybe 4 real annoyances with 3 of them easy fixes. Here are those lessons:

First… the hard fix…. I definitely have anxiety. I used to tell myself that I’m making it up… it’s all in my head… but no… nope… I have anxiety. It is real and it is there. I am also somewhat claustrophobic… I do not like confined crowded spaces. I feel like I am suffocating and my heart races.  Add in the 30,000 + feet in the air and I am a big ball of fun! As I mentioned in my previous post about my flight to Las Vegas I calmed down about 30 minutes in and it helped that no one was sitting in the middle seat… and the air vent above my head! On the way back I was not so lucky… I had an air vent but… three big butts in one row = very fidgety Stephie = many apologies to the unlucky person sitting next to me.  The smartest thing I did was change my seat the night before. I spent a well worth it 30 bucks to switch my window for an aisle. So even though it was a packed flight at least I had that bit of space to my right. Another plus was the 6:00 am flight time. I slept/tried to sleep most of the way back. My back was hurting me which made it challenging hence the fidgeting. I learned that despite these things I am pretty strong and I am hoping desperately that the more I fly the less anxiety I will experience.

The easy fixes

Next year I am renting a car! The parking lots at the hotels on the strip are free. Our hotel had a shuttle bus that took you to the strip but it stopped running at 10:30 at night so we’d have to cab it back. Plus with a car we’d be able to explore more outside of the Vegas strip. It can be pricey to pay for tours so I only did the one to Red Rock Canyon. Next year a car will take us to the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and the Valley of Fire.

Comfy shoes! As my style is evolving I have been purchasing different types of footwear… however… I have come to realize… just because it is cute doesn’t mean it won’t rip my ankles or give me blisters on my toes! Next year I will be smarter about my footwear… either buy more comfy shoes or padding for the insides to prevent rubbing of the skin. Something I was not fully aware of as a predominate sneaker girl.



Lastly… biker shorts… or I donno something to protect against CHUB RUB!  WHAT THE HELL! I have heard of this problem but thought I was immune since I never really experienced it… until last week! This was my first time out wearing dresses minus tights and OH MY GOD the uncomfortable pain that ensued after a couple hours of walking was unreal! I kid you not I stopped to apply powder while out walking one of the nights! Temporary fix till we got back to the hotel.



Now to the fun!

Red Rock Canyon = Beautiful!


Walking the strip with my boyfriend.  Poor thing had to work during the day (he was there for work I tagged along!) so we spent quality time together at night.






Fremont Street Experience was also one of my favorite things! They had an awesome video light show and in between that there was a rock band Alter Ego that was playing all my favorites! I wish I could upload videos but pictures will have to do.




The free shows along the strip. The water show at the Bellagio and the Volcano show at the Mirage were both awesome! I recommend them.

My favorite food stops. The buffet at the Bellagio was AMAZING. Also… a lovely sushi place off the strip called Sushi Way… 26.95 all you can eat… any of the rolls… even the fancy ones! Needless to say we went to town! Was so good I can’t wait for next year when I can revisit this place!

The customary visit to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign


Palm trees… I love palm trees


View from the hotel room


Overall great time and I can’t wait to get back!


10 thoughts on “Vacation recap: Things I loved and things I learned!

  1. Awesome pictures!!! I hate the chub rub! And had avoided skirts for the longest time because of it. But then the leggings fade started. I just took a pair of super cheap leggings (soft, comfortable, $5 from Walmart) and then cut then above the knee to make my own little shorts! There’s also these lace garter things out there, that just slip on and are suppose to help but I’ve never tried them lol

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