Throwback Thursday: The camera as I knew it!

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so… it’s Throwback Thursday people! Today’s topic… cameras!

Lately I have been sharing with you many photos and what you’ve seen is not even half of what I took. My camera has hundreds of photos documenting my life for the past year or so… why? Because I’m happy…

in addition… because my phone allows it!  You want to know what didn’t allow it? Disposable cameras and film! Remember these? I don’t know about you but whenever I went on a field trip I used to get those disposable cameras that only had like 24 shots so you had to pick and chose what was photo worthy!



Limited number of pictures
Didn’t know what it looked like until it was developed (unless a Polaroid… like it was cost feasible to keep snapping those!)
Had to keep buying and/or developing film


Wasn’t too concerned about handing over a disposable camera to a stranger to take my picture… I look at strangers cross-eyed when they offer to take our picture… I don’t need them to run off with my expensive phone! (This is why I’m not all that against the “selfie-stick”…. )

Nowadays with the advancing technology and storage space we can snap away to our hearts content.

Now if you want to get into my ideas about the storage and preservation of said images that’s a whole other blog post… but in my opinion print them out in photo books! Deleting is way too easy to do and POOF gone!


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The camera as I knew it!

  1. My mother always recommended printing photos…because technology changes and it can very quickly become nearly impossible to access pictures once it changes.

    I have baby pics of my older child that are ONLY in print. They were stored to a 3″ floppy – they may be in her dad’s house somewhere, but what would you do if you found them?

    I still scrapbook, too.

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