Am I blogging right?

I opened this blog back in October 2015 but didn’t write my introductory post until 3 weeks later. After joining a Blogging 101 course I wrote my first post, But let me first write an introduction. The title was a play on the song #Selfie… In case you didn’t pick up on that. My blog is now in its sixth month of activity and I never imaged it would go so well. The response from you my fellow readers and bloggers has been more than I ever thought it would be and I am grateful that you have continued with me on this journey of self-exploration.

I have felt in recent months I have been questioning myself on whether or not I am “blogging right.” Sometimes I post things from my past because they are always there… and other times I am happy as a clam just shooting the shit about my day. I worried that I had no focus. One post I am talking about my abusive past and in the next I am discussing the importance of body positivity. For me the two are interconnected and I cannot tell one without the other. This made me realize, during my reflections, that I am doing just fine.

My blog is truly a reflection on my passing moods. This may seem obvious to some but I guess I just needed to spell it out for myself. Some days I am happy. Some days I am anxious. Some days my mood is down. Some days I am neutral. My writing and choice of topics reflect that. I write because a memory is dredged up by a word prompt, an image, or a song I heard. You are getting my raw feelings I am wrestling with by an article I may have read, a conversation I overheard, or my interactions with people at work and in the world in general.

I’ve been beaten down physically and emotionally and I’ve been recovering like a champ. I set out to tell my story to hopefully inspire someone or offer support through my experiences. We connect with each other through our words and interactions and it has been a beautiful experience. A few times I wanted to give up and throw in the blogging towel but I have been rejuvenated by my realizations. My roller coaster of thoughts is sticking around and hopefully for your continued enjoyment.

Anyone else wrestle with this or am I ridiculous?



20 thoughts on “Am I blogging right?

  1. We all write what we experience. Some of us use personal approach, others use metaphors, some head straight for fiction. I have published on several fronts in over a year. So far I have more people reading my posts than I’d ever imagine. D’oeuvre will connect with your voice

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  2. According to that picture above, you’re blogging ‘right’. 🙂 You’re also blogging ‘right’ because you’ve got readers. 🙂 And finally as long as you’re enjoying it, you’re definitely blogging right!

    I often feel uncertain about my blogging too and wonder if I should just stop! (This usually happens when I look at the stats.) But for me the difference between merely keeping a private journal with my thoughts or putting it on the internet in the form of a blog is the interaction with other readers, sharing good books and ideas. For you, it’s the difference that you might be able to make to other people’s lives. It seems a very worthwhile goal to me!

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    • They say the worst thing you can do is look at and focus on stats so I try not too. Nonetheless I agree that putting it out on a blog instead of an offline journal provides an opportunity to interact with others which makes it fun.

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  3. You’re doing just fine! My blog is basically my journal, and that’s what it is for a lot of people. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your first blog-a-versary. I need to come up with something special for my 6th blog-a-versary, which is coming up in a few weeks. Carry on!


  4. i love your blog for sure .. i think we can all get a little intimidated by others or what we see or think we are suppose to be where someone else is so we must be doing something wrong but .. meh you are doing awesomely xxoo kissyface 🙂

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  5. I agree with Katie, there is no wrong way to write a blog, write from your heart & thoughts, go with what you feel!!


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