Today we mood hop…

I’m putting words on paper because I am having a hard time communicating my thoughts today. I have switched phases a few times already and I am currently at wits end. It’s been rough. I am surrounded by many miserable people.

I started my day off as tired. I slept the whole bus ride and a bit on the subway. I stopped for my usual coffee and crappy breakfast and headed into work.

It is a slowish day so I opened my Facebook on my phone and saw an article Facebook Forced to Apologize After Banning Image of Plus-Size Model posted on a clothing resale group I am a part of. The article discusses how Facebook rejected an ad featuring a photo of model Tess Holliday in a two piece. Below are the rejection post and the photo being rejected.



I went from sleepy to enraged. I thought well here is what I will be blogging about. Facebook erratic censorship. Apparently this photo does not comply with their “Health and Fitness” policy… okay buy images of models with their bones sticking out is? Or images of abused animals and children? That’s okay? The Kardashians can parade around in their birthday suits but someone “undesirable” needs to be censored? I don’t care what your personal feelings are towards Tess Holliday this double standard needs to end. Not to mention… what about all the a-holes that comment rude and unnecessary remarks that if you report them they send you the “Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the comment you reported for harassment and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Tell me how these are a “safe and welcoming environment”?


Facebook than reversed its position and apologized. Shocker!

Before I could form a more insightful post my rage switched from Facebook to work. I was pulled from my desk by another office secretary to inform me that there was talk about moving me temporarily to another office where the person in charge has abusive behavior… well you all know my background so this was a major no no for me! Plus quite frankly I am tired of being a ping pong! I went to talk to others who reassured me that if I set boundaries right away I will be talked to like a human. I have yet to be approached with the question so I love how my blood pressure was raised for NO DAM REASON!

Now I am anxious. My heart is beating pretty quickly and my hands are a tad shaky. I just want to go home and I am clock watching. I DREAD the commute as I am up to my limit on dealing with these crowds. My parents are on a lovely cruise and I desperately wish I was on one myself!

I can’t wait to get home and wrap myself in loving hugs. Welcome to the phases of my day.



10 thoughts on “Today we mood hop…

  1. People are disgusting. The things people say about their fellow human beings just make me feel at a loss. I think the double standard is bullshit, as well!

    On a totally different topic, how long is your commute? I am thinking of moving to England I believe my commute could be around an hour. Does is really, really suck to be on trains and such everyday?

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  2. The problem is no one wants to be real. Everyone has something beautiful about them. The size or shape doesn’t define the person. The airbrushed seventeen year olds don’t represent real people. Facebook should be shunned. But I already don’t use them any more

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  3. People can be incredibly insensitive and cruel. It’s just a cover for their own issues; they clearly feel TERRIBLE about themselves and can only recover from that slightly by putting others down.

    And folks are mighty, mighty brave behind the cloak of the internet….

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