Why You Need to Start Meditating 

I don’t know if anyone noticed but I was having an aggravating day yesterday. It takes me sometime to come down from it. I started by eating cheese and crackers when I got home. I know I am pretty much a mouse and I love a good fresh mozzarella! Then I put on the television and caught up on the last 5 episodes of Supernatural. Anyone watch this show? Crazy stuff! Finally my boyfriend came home and I vented about my day as we ate dinner and watched Bob’s Burgers. I then cuddled up into my happy place and tried to relax.

Even though my heart stopped racing I still felt a little anxious and kept taking deep breathes and releasing it. This helps a bit. It’s just the thought of coming back to the craziness had me in a twist! Anyhow, I keep hearing that mediation helps reduce stress and I believe it does I just fail to become regiment about it. I give up quickly because I can’t shut my brain off. So when I opened up my WordPress reader I came across this well put together blog post about meditation. It was just what I needed to read today and I am going to give meditation a serious look once more.

The Messy Minimalist


Meditation is kind of like fitness: it’s very difficult to explain how great it is to someone who doesn’t do it. Meditation can mean different things to different people. I think the best general definition is reigning in your thoughts in a way that brings your focus entirely to the present moment. What if there was something that could give you:

  • Lower cortisol levels resulting in more weight loss
  • Improved lung capacity.
  • Lower blood pressure and fewer heart problems.
  • Better communication between the two hemispheres of your brain.
  • Increased creativity and willpower.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased compassion.
  • Less stress.
  • Less fear.
  • More focus.
  • More calm.

and even more benefits for free! I could go on for thousands of words about all the wonderful things meditation can do for you, but if you’ve probably heard it all before. Here’s a list of 100 benefits of meditation if you’d like to start there.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Need to Start Meditating 

  1. These Tibetan Healing Sounds really helped me when I was bordering on anxiety attacks. They really helped to bring me back into balance. I don’t know why or how it works, but for me it did. I hope you find what works for you.

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