NYCC: Frequently complained complaints!

NYCC: Frequently complained complaints!


I don’t like being this person but I am going to do it anyway. One of the things that gets to me is when people complain about something that was repeated numerous times. Reading is fundamental and when people fail to follow rules that are laid out very plainly, and have been advertised over and over on the website and across all social media platforms (I know you have your phones in your hands), I have no pity.  Continue reading

Touring your own city

Touring your own city

The following passage is from the article New York City Welcomed Record 58.3 Million Visitors in 2015

NYC & Company President and CEO Fred Dixon reported that New York City’s total of 58.3 million visitors last year was 1.8 million more than 2014, with the overall estimate consisting of 46 million domestic and 12.3 million international travelers…

Not only did New York City break its all-time visitors record in 2015, but the domestic and international travelers numbers also broke their respective previous records.

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Jeffrey Star cosmetics


Just a quick thing I wanted to vent about. I was searching Jeffrey Star cosmetics to see what the fuse was about on a sales site I’m on and I come across this shade. Call me sensitive but I found this appallingly. No thank you. I don’t want my lips the same color my arms used to be. I’ll keep my money thanks. I think this is in poor taste.

Am I being ridiculous?

Prescribing Daily Stomach Pumping to Fat People

Um no thank you! Okay people I’m going to say it again…there is no such thing as a quick fix! If there was there would be no diet industry. They don’t care about your health by creating these ridiculous things to help you lose weight. They are thinking about their bottom line. They don’t care what happens to you after you alter your body with their weight loss methods. What side effects you suffer if any. They’d go out of business if there was a magic trick to make us fatties get skinny. Think about that.

Dances With Fat

WTFThe FDA has approved a device called the AspireAssist, in which a thin tube is placed in the patient’s stomach that connects to a button on the outside of their stomach.  After each meal the patient uses the tube and a handheld device to pump up to 30% of the meal out of their stomach and into the toilet. I’m going to address the claims on their website, but first I want to talk about a misconception

[Trigger Warning – Eating Disorder talk for the next two paragraphs] The company that makes it claims that it isn’t an “assisted bulimia” device because they say in their fine print that it shouldn’t be used by people with bulimia.  That is, of course, ridiculous and it’s certainly possible that this device my be used by people dealing with bulimia and/or my perpetuate the development of bulimia.  But it should be clear this isn’t actually…

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Bored eating

Bored eating

Well this meme… in additional to emotional eating… sums up all the extra pounds on my body! Summer can be rough!


My very first memory of bored eating happened when I was about 4 years old. I came home from the YMCA, was watching a cartoon, and I wanted cookies.  I went and got the cookies put them on my table tray and I am almost certain my grandmother got upset with me. That is all I really remember about that moment. For all I know it could just be a dream but I am pretty certain it is the truth. You get the point? Continue reading

My rebuilding project!

My rebuilding project!


  • : to build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed

  • : to make important improvements or changes in (something)

Both of these definitions apply to me. I’ve been broken and damaged and I am actively working on fixing myself and making changes. Continue reading

Week two complete

Week two complete

I am proud of myself for sticking to my schedule and completing week to of the couch to 5k program. The program consisted of 6 intervals of running for 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes with 5 minute warm-ups and cool downs. I know 90 seconds may not sound like a whole lot, last week was 60 seconds, but OMG I seriously had trouble with it. Although I will say I am impressed how I fought through it no matter what. Today between run 5 and 6 I felt nauseous. I am happy it passed and I didn’t make a mess on the treadmill! Since I don’t feel like I finished strong I am making an executive decision and repeating week 2. I will be more successful if I don’t try to do too much at one time. Baby steps I got to start somewhere. Continue reading