My first week 2

So I posted a new page to my blog to follow my couch to 5k progress. I just entered my second week and let me tell you it was hard on my legs. I had the 60 second jogging spurts down to a science and now they added on an extra 30 seconds and my legs were like “what????” I’ll get there though. I think I may have to repeat the week two cycle before moving forward. I also have to come up with a better plan than going to the gym on my lunch break. I hate getting all sweaty and going back because there is not time to rinse off. I am going to try try try my hardest to wake up earlier and go before work but thus far I have not been successful! I’m proud of myself for getting to the gym though.

This shirt is for all the gym shamers. It’s not me it’s you!



17 thoughts on “My first week 2

  1. I LOVE that shirt! I feel the same way about working out at lunch, add living in Florida, the summers are so darn hot I about pass out trying to even walk outside. I do a few things while I work since I have a desk job. It’s a start! Keep up the good work ! ❤

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  2. It’s okay to repeat weeks! You’re still running and getting stronger– it really does put a lot of stress on stuff that isn’t used to the stress, so give yourself some good recovery and don’t worry about repeating a week.

    I’m a sweaty runner, and I refuse to run unless I can have a shower. 🙂


  3. Way to go on week two! *glitter party* You said your gym is super close to your work? What about going right after work? That’s when I exercise and it helps to leave all the “work stress” behind. When you have no energy left for that last few minutes, just think of something that really bugged you during the day and take it out on the treadmill 😉

    Ps: you look great btw!! And I love the new picture you are using as your header 🙂

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