Week two complete

I am proud of myself for sticking to my schedule and completing week to of the couch to 5k program. The program consisted of 6 intervals of running for 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes with 5 minute warm-ups and cool downs. I know 90 seconds may not sound like a whole lot, last week was 60 seconds, but OMG I seriously had trouble with it. Although I will say I am impressed how I fought through it no matter what. Today between run 5 and 6 I felt nauseous. I am happy it passed and I didn’t make a mess on the treadmill! Since I don’t feel like I finished strong I am making an executive decision and repeating week 2. I will be more successful if I don’t try to do too much at one time. Baby steps I got to start somewhere.

Also I bought my first sports bras. I wore them this week and since I didn’t get wacked in the face with my boobs I suppose they worked just fine. I am pretty sure on run 4 though I came close to having a wardrobe malfunction. However, when I am at the gym I am forever worried about how I look to other people so I am constantly fidgeting and fixing myself so I look “appropriate.” I still feel the need to hide my big body the best I can. I always choose the treadmill in the back corner so I don’t have to subject people behind me into watching me run. I need to work on that.



11 thoughts on “Week two complete

  1. Try to stop worrying. Maybe because I am a certified fitness professional, but when I see someone who is overweight working out at the gym or if I pass them on a run, I always give a wave or a smile of encouragement. Everyone should be cheering you on in their minds! Just be purposeful and concentrate on YOU, not what you imagine other people are thinking. You choose whatever treadmill you want!! Cheers!

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  2. Yeah! You rocked Week 2 and you’re going to rock it better next week too.

    Sports bras are such a critical piece of gear– for me, I couldn’t feel good running until I had the girls securely strapped down. All the other jiggles, though, they bother me a little at the beginning of a run but then I get used to it 🙂

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    • I feel I could use a better one. A friend suggested ones from Lane Bryant. I hope to get used to it. I’m off to start week 2 round 2 today! I was sick yesterday and couldn’t gym.


      • Good luck with week 2 round 2! As far as sports bras, I like the Moving Comfort Fiona but they keep shrinking the size range. Folks have said good things about Panache’s sports bra (I tried it but got the wrong size), and I’ve also heard raves about Enell but haven’t tried them. Bras are so personal and hard to figure out! I’m still searching for the perfect running bra.

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