Bored eating

Well this meme… in additional to emotional eating… sums up all the extra pounds on my body! Summer can be rough!


My very first memory of bored eating happened when I was about 4 years old. I came home from the YMCA, was watching a cartoon, and I wanted cookies.  I went and got the cookies put them on my table tray and I am almost certain my grandmother got upset with me. That is all I really remember about that moment. For all I know it could just be a dream but I am pretty certain it is the truth. You get the point?

The worst of the bored eating happened after I moved into my aunts house. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. I’d go to work. Come home. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Drink. Watch TV. Eat. Sleep. Go to work. Repeat.

As I have previously mentioned I spent many years in a relationship that restricted food due to the embarrassing factor of my weight. It was a mixture of me not having money and him eating it all. In addition, there were of course the forced dieting, daily weigh-ins and that kind of crap. I’d eat one to two times a day and anything more than that was too much.

When I moved in with my aunt I all of a sudden had extra money and extra time of nothingness. The adjustment to being by myself and not having someone control my every second was overwhelming. I ate. I ordered pizzas, Chinese food, pizza again, went to all the local fast food joints because I could. I had money in my pocket and time on my hands. Guess what happened? I gained 60 pounds! I became even more depressed and started a wine bottle collection in my closet.


I refer to this picture on the left again because it is the only one I have of me at my heaviest weight.

Keeping busy is important to curb bored eating. This is following the logic that if you’re busy you’re not thinking about food.

Things I like to do to fight bored eating.

Spending time with my boyfriend. This is twofold. I am occupied by having someone around that is fun and entertaining AND he doesn’t carry junk food in his house! There is a garden growing in his fridge. If I am hungry I get an apple!

Reading. I love to read. I just recently finished the two trilogy sets of Star Wars books. Time passes quickly when a book is interesting and engulfs you in the story.

Learning. I’d be a professional student if it was a good paying job! I am currently taking an advanced coding class: Metadata for Digital Resources. This class is so hard and has occupied quiet a bit of my time! The final is June 29th! This past Thursday I stared at my screen all day trying to figure out how to fix an error I made on an external DTD file. Why am I doing this? I am working on boosting my credentials in hopes of landing an academic librarian job someday… hopefully soon!

Exercising. This is a new one for me but guys I have been to the gym 9 times in the last 3 weeks! Unreal! But guess what? I am less likely to eat crap after a workout because I don’t want to undo any good I did!

Text a friend. Every now and then… or every day for me… you get those moments of weakness where you want to eat everything that is bad. Sure there are some that will say just do it. Eat what you are craving. And I am all for the treats but I can’t make it a daily habit. Not anymore at least. I am not comfortable physically in my body. This has nothing to do with appearances. As I have mentioned before I have grown to love myself. I’m just tired of all the pains associated with the carrying around of MY extra weight. This does not an opinion for others. Everyone has there own comfort levels and that is okay. Nothing irritates me more than these internet doctors with x-ray vision that can determine your health by looking at your picture. Some people are entirely too comfortable shaming others.

Anyway I let that get away from me… texting a friend, a weight loss buddy… someone you can confide in and talk out your cravings is a huge help! I have a few in my pocket!

Hope these help and I would love pointers if you got something!

I loved that one suggestion I received once about cutting an old pair of leggings to wear under dresses. Life changer! Chub rub no more!





4 thoughts on “Bored eating

  1. WOOO! I am so glad that tip about the leggings worked for you! 🙂 Bored eating is a problem for me too. My trick right now is knitting or crafting. If I’m going to snack when I’m bored, my hands/fingers are going to be dirty – therefore I can’t continue to knit or cross stitch because then the yarn/fabric would get dirty and that would ruin all my hard work! The exercising thing helps too – except my mind frame is to exercise because I enjoy it, not to loose weight (even though I’m sure I am loosing weight due to the effort put in) so I still tend to eat whatever haha

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    • Yes it was genius! And I agree I exercise because I want to and the fact I don’t want to eat anything to mess it up is a result of it. Although sometimes I will eat something and be like …. well I did burn the extra calories at the gym… 🙂

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  2. “Bored eating” is one of the reasons I don’t sit with a full bag of food very often. Because it ain’t over until the bottom is staring at me. I’ll nosh clean through it.

    I still sometimes eat when I’m not hungry, because I’ve screwed up my hunger signals beyond where I’d even KNOW. But I measure out my food for the most part so I know when to at least re-assess to see if more may be needed.

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